Wholesale, distribution, and warehouses form the backbone of our supply chain. It’s important that these systems are agile, to quickly adapt to market realities.

Here’s the answer you’re looking for. Crave InfoTech helps ensure total responsiveness and agility within across your distribution network and centers.
Plan, manage, track, and optimize all distribution and warehouse operations.

Create an industry-leading warehouse, wholesale, and distribution network.

Supply Chain Management

A healthy supply chain is one of the most critical aspects of any business. We help you create an agile and responsive supply chain, with built-in intelligence to boost total order volume processed with higher efficiency and visibility at much lower costs.

Enterprise Mobility

Infuse true efficiency on your floor, in the yard, and in the field. Rugged computing devices, whether hoisted on forklifts, used as RFID scanners or carried easily in hand, ensure that all processes are in-sync with the central system at all times.

Optimized loading

Leverage our smart scheduling workflows to optimize the picking, sorting, packing, and staging processes. This means that loading is easy and well-planned, for speedy operations. Further, truck capacity can be optimized via our intelligent loading-enablement solution.


Wholesale and Distribution Insights