Utilities are a public necessity, demanding the utmost control, end-to-end visibility, and perfect asset management. Deliver on expectations with us.

Crave InfoTech helps utility companies establish better asset maintenance, improved field service and workforce management, and full enterprise mobility.
We help utility companies ensure break-free operations.

Better asset and field service management for a higher plant load factor.

Maintenance and Planning

Boost your asset utilization and maintenance with our industry-benchmarking products. Prevent breakdown, downtime, or stoppages with our predictive maintenance setup. Plan, create, assign, and track all jobs in real-time with full process visibility.

Field Service Management

Ensure all boilers, generators, power lines, etc. function as required, all the time. Boost your workforce and field service management with our rugged mobility devices. These smart devices ensure that even remote inspections at the consumer end, are fast and efficient.

Flexible and Smart Scheduling

Keep full control over the tasks, resources, and available technicians through a single dashboard. Leverage our intelligent scheduling to optimize coal stockpile analysis, inspection jobs, and maintenance in a timely manner. Ensure smooth operations, without stoppages.


Here are our solutions perfectly suited for the Utilities and Energy Sector

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