Millions of dollars of shipment get transported across the country every minute. It’s important to know exactly where these trailers or tankers are at that point.

Crave InfoTech helps companies, carriers, and 3PLs track their shipment in real-time from loading to delivery, with proper electronic proof of delivery.
We help bring transparency and accountability across logistics management.

Faster, better, and secure deliveries with real-time delivery validation.

Enterprise Mobility

Use our rugged and smart computing devices for the toughest weather or working conditions, primed for use within logistics movement. Take advantage of our fast scanners for shipment tracking even while unloading at the delivery stage.

Track and Trace

View real-time visibility of each shipment, trailer, or driver working hours at all times in a single dashboard. Know the status of the delivery at shipment, pallet, crate, and even unit level. Ensure end-to-end shipment visibility from sourcing to fulfillment.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Get clear, live, and audit-ready electronic proof of deliveries (EPOD). Ensure total accountability and transparency across deliveries, claims, and returns. Live sync all EPODs with the central system for faster processing and better credit management, where required.


Here are our solutions for you to complete that last mile delivery in time

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