The oil and gas industry faces regulatory, environmental, and economic contingencies as they function in a volatile socio-geopolitical market.

Crave InfoTech helps the oil and gas industry with the necessary control, agility, and visibility within their asset, supply chain, and invoice management.
We help smooth overall operational and logistical tasks.

Ensure high asset utilization and better field service control.

Maintenance and Planning

Get the most out of your assets with our products. Leverage full process visibility to ensure quick anomaly detection and faster maintenance. Prevent breakdowns and downtime, as you schedule maintenance preemptively.

Field Service Management

Track all on-field jobs and tasks with our full enterprise mobility enablement. Every job is accurately captured with the use of RFID scanners and is time-stamped. Ensure agile asset, facility, pipeline, or vehicle maintenance through our smart mobile devices.

Flexible and Smart Scheduling

View all tasks, resources, and available technicians in a single dashboard, wherein you can use our intelligent scheduling to assign jobs quickly and efficiently. Track all shortages and gaps, and solve them beforehand to ensure break-free job execution and operations.


Our cutting edge solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

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