The public sector helps establish ease of doing business, infrastructural integrity, defense, public health, and safety.

Crave InfoTech helps infuse efficiency and responsiveness within the diverse public sectors to ensure smooth workforce and project management.
We help improve the services offered by the public sector, amplifying their benefits.

Making the public sector more efficient, smooth, and responsive.

Maintenance and Planning

Ensure timely inspection and maintenance of all public infrastructure, with proper anomaly records (along with timestamps). Track all maintenance projects in real-time and validate the task completions from anywhere. You can also view all task updates in a single dashboard.

Enterprise Mobility

Manage processes, tasks, and projects across the expanse of the state of the country. Engineers, supervisors, or surveyors can utilize our robust yet smart mobile computing devices. These have all the functionalities they would ever need on-ground, and with superb connectivity.

Workforce Management

Manage all tasks and approvals in a single system. Even manage all forms and logbooks in one place. Track the progress of each task with proper time-stamped updates. It’s an all-purpose workforce and field service management system.


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