Retailers must have items available on the shelf when the consumer needs them. To ensure this availability, the underlying logistics and delivery mechanisms should be totally in sync.

Crave InfoTech helps retailers with all the tools they need to ensure 100% item availability with proper logistics movement visibility and inventory control.
We help bring transparency and accountability across logistics management.

Keep the shelves stocked and your customers happy.

Fast inventory reconciliation

Track the current stock of each item with easy-to-handle RFID scanners. The system offers seamless inventory reconciliation, following a simple and smart workflow that connects you to the desired vendor quickly and efficiently.

Track and Trace

Know the location, health, and ETA of each shipment as it comes into your store. This helps to ensure that you have the handlers available at the time of unloading. It also helps establish a lean inventory, with manageable and consistent replenishment lead times.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Leverage the efficiency, accuracy, and accountability of electronic proof of deliveries (EPOD). This helps eliminate confusion, discrepancies, and delays when handling claims and credit management. Also, the EPOD live syncs with the system for instant processing.


These solutions are made to make your Retail business prosper

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