Consumer packaged goods (CPG) is a high-functioning and dynamic market that is primed for an infusion of intelligence, mobility, and agility within their enterprise solutions.

The CPG industry garners $5.3 trillion in annual sales, slated to grow at 5.6% in the near future. This growth would undoubtedly be dependent on how smart and agile their enterprise solutions prove to be.
This is how the CPG industry can leverage tech to keep up with demand.

CPG companies can boost efficiency at low costs and high resource optimization with the right enterprise solution partners

Intelligent Asset Management

CPG companies can enhance their asset performance with an intelligent asset management solution, enabled via Crave InfoTech. This includes top facility maintenance, calibrations, and asset lifecycle management with industry-ready extensibility and integrations.

Intelligent Supply Chain

CPG companies can streamline their supply chain, starting from the timely sourcing of raw materials with full crate and truck tracking and continuing through to the final product distribution through warehouses and distribution (owned or carriers). All via Crave InfoTech!

Enterprise Mobility

Full enterprise mobility through connected devices, RFID/barcode scanning, on-floor job tracking, and full-scale asset and supply chain metric analytics. Crave InfoTech has immense experience with enterprise mobility with key partnerships with SAP and Zebra Technologies.


Here are our solutions to help you with your CPG processes

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