Make the most of SAP Build Process Automation (SAP BPA) with Crave

Unlock the efficiencies within your processes with the use of low-code/no-code creation of smart processes, intuitive apps, and streamlined business worksites.

All creation, no complication | SAP Build Apps and SAP Build WorkZone    

Quickly and precisely create intuitive apps and business sites with step-by-step Workflows for ‘at-fingertips’ efficiency. It’s just drag-and-drop to help ideas translate into execution in a smooth manner.

Business logic sustenance with Crave InfoTech 

Even though SAP Build Apps and SAP Build WorkZone are the epitome of simplicity, especially for citizen developers, Crave’s industry intelligence helps sustain and enhance the business logic of the processes for greater efficiency.

Crave’s domain and industry intelligence to support SAP Business AI 

Crave InfoTech’s industry experience can help direct the business logic while creating the Workflows and Automation (SAP BPA). Crave also has pre-made SAP AI models that can be dragged and dropped to create such Workflows.

Intelligent process automation with bots and SAP BPA 

Cut down on the mundane and repetitive tasks like data extraction for hundreds of invoices/purchase orders. SAP BPA can deploy bots, supported by SAP Business AI, to do these tasks efficiently and accurately in a fraction of the time.

Boost efficiency with smart automation using SAP BPA 

Leveraging the power of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) – SAP BPA can help boost process efficiency with targeted automation to reduce resource strain, cut costs, and improve user satisfaction.

Let’s make smart automation work for you! Discover how SAP Build Apps, SAP Build WorkZone, and SAP Build Process Automation can streamline your operations and unleash innovation.