Streamline the entire app lifecycle with SAP Cloud ALM (CALM) and Crave InfoTech

Get a unified, cloud-based solution tailored (with SAP Cloud ALM (CALM)) for managing the lifecycle of SAP applications, delivering several key benefits to businesses.

Simplify app lifecycle management with business-ready features

With comprehensive tools for process documentation, test management, and system monitoring, SAP CALM ensures efficient and high-quality implementations.

Identify Integration Points; Club Frequent Tasks into Custom BTP Apps
SAP Intelligent Asset Management- What’s in it for You?

Reduce app handling costs adding value

Significantly reduce the total cost of ownership while optimizing application performance – by simplifying complex lifecycle management tasks using SAP CALM – channeling Crave’s industry intelligence for greater and faster value generation.

Business Benefits

Proactive IT Management

Utilize CALM's AI and ML technologies to foresee potential IT issues, enabling proactive resolutions that maintain continuous operational flow and reduce downtimes.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Leverage CALM's embedded analytics for real-time insights into application performance, aiding strategic decisions and improving response to market demands.

Cost Optimization

Achieve significant cost savings with CALM's predictive analytics and intelligent insights, optimizing the use of resources and reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Agile Business Processes

Streamline and enhance your business processes with CALM, integrating with existing SAP environments to provide a seamless, efficient workflow automation.

Innovation at Scale

Empower your team with tools that support innovation, using CALM's capabilities to quickly adapt and scale new solutions across your organization.

Optimize Application Lifecycle Management with Crave’s CALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite

Harness the full potential of SAP’s ecosystem with Crave InfoTech’s CALM Suite. Designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Datasphere, and SAP Analytics Cloud, our Intelligent Insights & Automation suite enhances application lifecycle management through efficient design prototyping, automated processes, and deep integration capabilities, ensuring you stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

Integrates seamlessly with email, MS teams, and chat GPT

Open communication is central to your operational strategy. Our suite integrates seamlessly with MS Teams, Email, and Chat GPT, enhancing team collaboration and faster resolution.

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Data Analytics in CALM | Crave Infotech

Robust data analytics for enhanced decision-making

access deep insights, make informed choices, and identify trends and anomalies effectively.

Custom Application Development for Enhanced SAP Functionality

Build tailored applications to meet specific organizational needs, ensuring adaptability and quick responses to evolving business requirements.

App | Crave Infotech

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