Optimize app dev with Crave InfoTech and SAP Build Apps

Leverage Crave InfoTech and SAP Build Apps for rapid application development, utilizing SAP AI and low-code/no-code platforms accessible to citizen developers. 

Business Benefits of SAP Build-driven App dev and Enterprise Mobility

Low-code/no-code for citizen development

Enables rapid application development by non-technical users, democratizing the app creation process and accelerating innovation within organizations.

Fast market value realization

Accelerates the deployment of new applications, reducing time to market and allowing businesses to quickly adapt to market changes and customer needs.

High user adoption and engagement

With a focus on superior UI/UX and design thinking, applications are more intuitive and user-friendly, leading to higher adoption rates and enhanced user engagement.

Full mobility for end-to-end automation

Enterprise mobility solutions provide seamless access to business processes and data from anywhere, boosting productivity through complete automation and mobile accessibility.

Smart and intuitive workflow design for apps  

Design workflows smartly and intuitively with SAP Build Apps, enabling easy app development that retains business logic without needing technical expertise 

Channel Crave expertise with SAP CAPM and SAP RAP   

Utilize Crave InfoTech’s proficiency in SAP CAPM and SAP RAP for efficient, full-stack application development, integrating ‘extending’ business functionalities. 

App Dev

Infuse efficiency in processes with full enterprise mobility through intuitive apps

Get the abilities for on-the-go decision-making and execution for engineers, technicians, and supervisors. Crave helps unlock full enterprise mobility with high-functioning and business-specific app dev.  

App Dev

Get ready-value apps with high engagement driven by design thinking and innovation  

Crave InfoTech excels in enterprise mobility, harnessing SAP Mobile Development Kit (MDK), Software Development Kit (SDK), and SAP Fiori to deliver superior UI/UX. 

It integrates design thinking, ensuring intuitive and user-centric designs.  

By leveraging these advanced SAP technologies, Crave InfoTech crafts seamless mobile experiences that not only meet business needs but also elevate user engagement and operational efficiency across the enterprise landscape. 

Crave Advantage


Responsive, adaptive design across devices with a consistent, intuitive user experience. Leverage Fiori for simplicity and productivity, and seamless integration with SAP for real-time data access.


Accelerate time-to-market with SAP Build’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface for rapid app development and deployment, enhancing user experience while cutting costs.


Establish a scalable, flexible cloud infrastructure with SAP BTP, offering a complete suite of services—database management, analytics, application development, integration, AI, and ML—from one platform.


development costs with robust offline functionality. Streamline mobile app development with a low-code/no-code approach, enabling rapid deployment across iOS and Android.

Channel Crave’s Low-No-Pro-code centric Services

App Dev

Create and customize applications without extensive programming knowledge  

Respond swiftly to market demands with rapid application development. Crave InfoTech specializes in low-code/no-code platforms, enabling rapid development and deployment of applications with minimal hand-coding. Our services provide the flexibility to adapt and modify applications as business requirements evolve, ensuring your solutions stay relevant and effective.  

Achieve Seamless Integration and Flexibility  

Adapt quickly to changing business needs with our low-code/no-code platforms. Crave InfoTech’s solutions offer the flexibility to modify applications as requirements evolve. This adaptability ensures that your applications remain relevant and effective, providing long-term value and seamless integration into your existing processes.  

From Complexity to Clarity  

  • 97% increase in satisfactory credit resolutions  
  • 85% reduction in DSO  
  • 70% increase in operational efficiency  
  • 60% reduction in credit processing time  

Crave InfoTech’s SCC Credit Tracker Application has significantly streamlined the credit management process for a popular F&B leader.  This application speeds up the collection cycle, leading to a substantial reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improving cash flow. The robust integration with legacy and SAP SCCs ensures seamless and scalable support for both current and future business needs.  

Transforming Warehouse Operations for Maximum Efficiency  

  • 20% reduction in inventory holding costs  
  • 99% increase in order fulfillment accuracy  
  • 95% decrease in inventory errors  
  • 50% improvement in warehouse throughput  

 Crave InfoTech’s WMS solution enabled a Global Biopharma Giant to streamline operations. Optimizing inventory levels and implementing real-time tracking through SAP WM reduced holding costs and errors. Enhanced picking and shipping processes led to near-perfect order fulfillment. Streamlined workflows and optimized storage booste

Digitizing Supply Chain Operations with Optimal Performance  

  • 40% reduction in manual intervention  
  • 30% increase in system performance  
  • 50% improvement in order tracking accuracy  
  • 70% increase in process efficiency  

Crave InfoTech’s integration of SAP BTP with various systems for a leading electronics manufacturer streamlined operations by enabling real-time data flow and reducing manual intervention. By managing custom tables and fields within BTP, we kept the core ERP system uncluttered and optimized, ensuring stable and efficient performance. The Fiori Launchpad provided instant insights for better decision-making, while real-time order tracking and automated purchase order processing significantly improved supply chain efficiency.  

Elevating Maintenance Operations to New Heights  

  • 30% increase in productivity  
  • 80% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  
  • 80% boost in follow-up job efficiency  
  • 50% improvement in issue resolution time  

Crave InfoTech’s cMaintenance application offers clients a powerful solution to enhance maintenance operations. By providing a comprehensive, paperless platform, it reduces operational costs and boosts productivity with real-time tracking and efficient task management. The application ensures accurate data capture and easy accessibility, improving maintenance quality and decision-making. Additionally, features like offline capabilities and barcode-enabled tracking streamline processes and elevate user satisfaction, delivering a robust and scalable maintenance management system.  

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