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Unlock your company’s full potential with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Modernize your data and business models effortlessly. Benefit from advanced data analytics, seamless integrations, no-code app development, complete automation, and powerful AI functionalities. Experience the ultimate enterprise platform for success.

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Develop stunning apps, automate processes, and create professional websites— even with limited coding knowledge! Its easy functionality allows you to design captivating user interfaces and optimize your business operations. Gain direct access to your data and processes from existing applications, revolutionizing your development workflow. With visual editors and pre-built components at your fingertips, you can easily assemble applications and processes.

The solution empowers you to reuse valuable artifacts like software systems, workflows, UX components, and data models. Your team can smoothly collaborate on these resources and accelerate project success.

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Quick Apps

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Professional Websites

Maximize productivity and agility with Crave Infotech. We’d seamlessly integrate your existing infrastructure, enabling you to effortlessly create, modify, and optimize applications and workflows. Enjoy the freedom to focus on innovation and creativity while Crave’s SAP Build solution handles the technical complexities.

But don’t just take our word for it. See how our solution has helped numerous customers solve some of the most critical business problems.

Forward-looking businesses constantly evaluate and optimize operations to stay ahead of the competition. Process automation can automate your essential tasks across departments such as purchase orders, customer service, HR processes, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, and data management; empowering you to achieve remarkable efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks.

One of the remarkable benefits of SAP BTP is its adaptability. It seamlessly integrates with your existing business applications, ensuring a smooth and harmonized experience. Whether you’re using SAP solutions or third-party applications, BTP enables effortless integration, creating a unified and efficient ecosystem.

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Work Automation

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Workflow Management

Streamline your digital transformation & automate your business process with Crave Infotech. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and design tailored automation solutions that align with your business objectives.

See how we’ve already helped many companies to improve their conversion ratio, revenue growth, and margins.

Say goodbye to complexity with out-of-the-box integration packs, APIs, domain models, and ready-to-use templates to jump-start your integration projects.

SAP BTP solutions effortlessly weave new applications into your systems, surpassing legal requirements and conquering IT challenges. The pre-configured integration suite built on BTP seamlessly merges cloud-based and on-premises applications. It also manages APIs to access third-party cloud solutions fluidly.

Adaptability is crucial for business success. In addition to easy integration, our customizable & ready-to-use templates also enable your team to develop new applications per your evolving business needs. You can quickly adjust your SAP system landscape using side-by-side extensions, providing fast, secure, and hassle-free upgrades. The design thinking approach enables you to create an optimal user experience with the SAP Fiori interface. Furthermore, the “keep the core clean” philosophy allows you to outsource application logic to external systems, ensuring flawless functionality of your legacy applications. As a result, you can empower your end users with a single launchpad with easy-to-access web & cloud-based applications from SAP and third-party providers anytime and anywhere.

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Cloud Integration

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API Management

Simplify your integration strategy and unlock the full potential of your business with Crave InfoTech. Explore the use case of numerous businesses that have solved critical integration challenges with SAP BTP.

Maximize the value of your data with the easy-as-pie interface and analytics solution to discover, plan and act on real-time insights across your enterprise.

With SAP BTP, you can access a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools and technologies, including big data, AI & ML. These pre-configured solutions empower you to harness the full potential of your data, driving intelligent decision-making and strategic growth.

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Realtime Analytics

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Predictive Insights

At Crave Infotech, we understand the importance of driving meaningful insights and making informed decisions. As SAP gold partner and BTP solution provider, we strive to provide enterprise-wide next-generation business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics. Our database and data management solutions are designed to modernize your data infrastructure, allowing seamless processing of transactions and analytics across various data types. We can help you identify, analyze, and access the most relevant data across your entire enterprise.

See how Crave InfoTech’s expertise has helped numerous businesses drive data-driven success.

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