The world is big, and so is the data! When you work with multiple business partners and collaborators, the complexity of data capture, analysis, and interpretation increases multifold. However, with Crave InfoTech’s Business Partner Management - powered by SAP - you can streamline all master data from business partners and turn it into real, actionable, value.

Top benefits with Business Partner Management

Live sync of all master data across business partners to eliminate all operational lag

Zero-error master data management to boost the impact of all connected processes

RPA-driven live data validation and correction for all incoming business partner data

Scalable, agile, and responsive partner data management to keep it simple, always

Solution Environment

Our Value Drivers

30% efficiency increase with master data management

100% reduction in paperwork and total digitization

24x7 live data sync with full security and from anywhere

Boost resource efficiency with IoT-enabled data capture

80% reduction in Total Ownership Cost (TCO) with Crave

Dynamic and intuitive workflows for data management

Fully configurable UI from the back-end

Multi-lingual capabilities across platforms and regions

Out of the box and fully responsive with iOS, Android, etc.

Industry Expertise

Let’s turn our deep knowledge of your industry into shared success