Building a Sustainable Future, Together!

Plot a course for a sustainable future with Crave Infotech’s Intelligent Ecological Balance Reporting and Analysis solution, built on SAP BTP. Measure and achieve your sustainability goals and communicate its performance to stakeholders. Analyze & reduce your carbon footprint across diverse business verticals with customized KPIs, including Carbon Footprint Tracking, Resource Consumption Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment, Stakeholder Engagement, and Scenario Planning.

Intelligent Balance Reporting Analysis Dashboard | Crave Infotech

Common Challenges Faced by Businesses

Lack of awareness

Lack of awareness of Sustainability Goals or their potential impact on their business operations and the environment and society.

Limited resources

Limited resources for Implementing and monitoring accurate sustainability practices across business verticals.

Short-term thinking

Short-term thinking often leads businesses to prioritize immediate profits at the expense of long-term sustainability.

Lack of live Dashboards

Lack of live Dashboards and Insights sourcing multiple data, Insights & Actionable Items to paint an accurate picture.

Regulatory challenges

Regulatory challenges arise as businesses grapple with compliance issues related to environmental regulations and carbon taxes.

Crave Sustainability Approach

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations increasingly recognize the importance of environmental sustainability. Minimizing their carbon footprint and achieving zero emissions have become critical goals for companies across various industries. To align with global standards and stakeholders’ expectations, businesses must focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) compliances, implement robust EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) measures, and employ effective methods to measure sustainability performance. These key aspects are covered in the 21 core metrics outlined by the World Economic Forum’s International Business Council (IBC) Framework for measuring sustainability performance and these are what we can measure for you.

WEF Metrics Overview Circle 02 | Crave Infotech

Solution Environment

SAP Build

SAP Build

SAP Build is used to create a Hybrid app so users can upload sustainability data. Details are extracted through SAP’s OCR capability and a workflow is set to send the data for approval.



The data that was extracted through SAP Build is stored in SAP HANA Cloud for processing & reporting.

SAP Datasphere

SAP Datasphere

SAP Datasphere is used to create data models, by pulling data from SAP HANA Cloud, other SAP sources, and also non-SAP Sources.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

Real-time insights, reporting, and forecasting are achieved in SAP Analytics Cloud by pulling in the data models from SAP Datasphere.

Intelligent Ecological Balance Reporting and Analysis Dashboard

Our cutting-edge solution, Intelligent Ecological Balance Reporting, and Analysis, has achieved global acclaim, securing first place in the prestigious Hack2Build competition. It’s real-time visibility and advanced analytics capabilities for ecological balance have set a new standard in sustainability innovation.

The system provides businesses with an all-in-one solution for sustainability reporting and analysis, aiding in achieving sustainability goals and keeping stakeholders informed of performance.

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