CXO level executives need real-time updates on the critical business parameters when they are away from their systems. Even when online, the reports are not real-time and take valuable employee work hours to create.

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Common Challenges Faced by Facility & Equipment Maintenance Professionals

Breakdown prevention process is often ignored due to the hassle, resulting in high costs for serious facility maintenance issues over time

Employees are spending valuable time working on reports

No proactive information for pre-set conditions via reports

Extra data entry and spreadsheet merging are often required to generate reports

Getting critical information takes time and can delay the decision-making process

Our Innovations And Solutions

Novel business offering real-time updates, Cloud capabilities, and machine learning technology. Graphical representation of historical data, including S Curve graph. Input data from SAP or non-SAP source can be accepted.

Any predefined variations will send a message to the mobile user. Pull data from process instruments using IoT and combine with data from SAP. Fully configurable alerts, color codes, and push notifications. Make sure you get the most important information as soon as possible. Quickly access different reports, view the progress of various departments, and check report history.

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Solution Environment

Our Value Drivers

A disruptive app, pre-packaged to expedite the implementation time, ROI realization, and reduction in TCO up to 80%

Completely scalable technology that grows with the business

Push notification functionality increases usability by 50%

30% less time spent making graphs

An app built with your business’s specific needs and goals in mind. Spend time and resources on adding value to your business, instead of employee hours spent making graphs and compiling reports

Critical business parameters have real time tracking

Fully configurable UI from the back-end

Multi-lingual capabilities

Fully responsive with iOS, Android, Tablet, etc. Out of the box

Industry Expertise

Let’s turn our deep knowledge of your industry into shared success