Crave InfoTech’s cWarehouse ensures 5X fast deployment, 30%+ boost in warehouse efficiency, total cost efficiency, and quick value realization (hit the ground running). If you are a warehouse manager looking for a way to infuse process control and productivity in your operations, this is for you. Let the tech talk and help you to gain competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving market.

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Common Challenges faced by Warehouse Professionals

Lack of task visibility on the warehouse floor leads to confusion and long fulfillment cycles, further adding to loading and dispatch delays.

Without proper digitization, IoT-led warehouse mobility, and automation, the processes are left to their printed sheets giving way to chaos.

Often it is difficult to find and pick up the right package at the right time without a consistent smart warehouse management system.

Easy and automated job assignment

Set aside all worries about a stiff and uncompromising system. Crave InfoTech offers you easy and instant job assignment, visibility, and manageability with full automation.

100% visibility and traceability for jobs

Crave InfoTech gives you complete and comprehensive visibility over each job or task from the moment it is assigned, through all its stages, all the way to successful completion. Get all updates in a simple and easy-to-access dashboard.

User-based access for focused processes

Easily assign precise access levels for all types of users in the system. The super-admin will be able to control what each user can view or edit on their devices. Ensure strictly secure and compliant actions that are focused on job completion.

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Robotic Process Automation RPA and Warehouse Management

RFID, QR-code, and barcode scanning

Turn your warehouse maturity up multiple notches with Crave InfoTech powered RFID, QR-code, and barcode scanners (just a few of all the process-boosting devices).

Finger-scanners and handheld devices

Point and scan. It’s that simple. Intuitive and smart devices that can be either handheld or easily worn on the fingers. The devices can pick up codes even multiple feet away. All this adds to the inherent accuracy and speed of operations.

Streamline workflows with smart sync

Your smart warehouse can choose to have the handheld devices sync with the central master database instantly. This will align all workflows and give live status of all processes and inventory. You can also have offline scan and sync.

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Complete ease of use for fast adoption

Crave InfoTech’s simplified and intent-driven workflows follow the best of design thinking protocols. The simple user interface ensures fast adoption and automation.

On-floor instant label printing, anywhere

Print labels with smart QR-codes of barcodes anywhere on the warehouse floor. Forget the hassle of painstakingly creating labels from afar. Cut down all time-consuming drivels and print labels real-time, on the spot, with portable printers.

Forklift automation and location mapping

Mount smart devices such as tablets on your forklifts. Easily automate all forklift-centric jobs. Ensure precise and smooth forklift usage across the warehouse. Further, you can also leverage indoor warehouse mapping for better movement.

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Picking to Loading Intelligent Warehouse Management
Internet-of-Things Intelligent Warehouse Management

SAP Business Technology Platform ready

Crave InfoTech is fully SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)-ready. The intelligent SAP BTP helps you become future-proof, with the added ‘Crave’ business simplicity.

On-premise, on-cloud, or hybrid system

Crave InfoTech’s warehouse management is equally good on on-premise, cloud, or hybrid setups. The enablement, integration, and extensions are seamless in any environment. We have been doing this successfully for 15+ years.

Your business language, just optimized

Crave InfoTech helps you optimize the warehouse operations in your business language. It could be bin-level actions like bin-creation, bin-to-bin transfers, cycle count, etc. It could also be plant/storage transfer posting, stock check, etc.

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End-to-end Intelligent Warehouse Management

Power your operations and processes with Crave InfoTech’s cWarehouse. Leverage Internet of Things (IoT) led automation to track every order, each package, as it moves through the system from pick up, through staging and loading to final dispatch. Everything tracked and perfected.

Solution Environment

Our Value Drivers

Quick ROI-realization and 80% TCO reduction

Future-proof and fully-scalable technology

100% digitization with paperless automation

35% reduction in Warehouse Operating costs

15% reduction in overall labor cost per unit

Decrease overhead through Lean processes

Boost task assignment and completion time

In app barcode, EPOD, and ESIGN capture

Fully configurable and intuitive user interface

Industry Expertise

Let’s turn our deep knowledge of your industry into shared success

SAP BTP Product Extensions

Crave InfoTech has extensions or applications ready to be implemented made by years of knowledge and experience.