Reimaging Warehouse Management with Hands-Free Precision

Upgrade your warehouse operations with Smart Glasses for EWM. Integrated with Real-wear HMT-1, this tool brings hands-free functionality to your core processes—enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in one fell swoop. 

Smart wearable device

Work Online or Offline

Multi-code scan, in one go

Simplified & Improved user Experience

All-in-one Smart Wearable for Warehouse Automation

Reliability and efficiency are key to uninterrupted business operations. Understanding exactly when and what your machinery needs allows you to optimize downtime, deploy the right technicians, and ensure all necessary parts are on hand. 

This proactive approach also improves supply chain processes, facilitating smoother procurement and work-order management. 

That’s precisely the capability we offer with our EWM Smart Glasses app… 

Smart Glass

Augmented reality | Smart glasses to take remote expert assistance  

Your shop-floor technicians can use augmented reality (AR)-driven smart glasses to bring in expert help for diagnosis and maintenance. The expert can access the view of the glasses remotely (securely) to guide the on-field/ground personnel. 

  • Zero-modification policy for Seamless Compatibility
  • Minimize redundant enhancements for Streamlined Operations
  • Build extensions in Modern Cloud Architecture For Scalability
  • Real-wear HMT-1 devices to minimize downtime. 
  • Precise hands-free interaction for enhanced accuracy and reliability

Addressing Critical Warehouse Management Challenges

Warehouse Managers

Thought Bubble: No more multitasking headaches!

Solution Content: I don’t need to juggle devices anymore. Hands-free operation lets me manage the floor efficiently, enhancing overall workflow.

Logistics Supervisors

Thought Bubble: No more delays in communication!

Solution Content: I don’t need to rely on back-and-forth calls. Instant updates and direct communication tools keep our logistics smooth and timely. 

Chief Supply Chain Officers

Thought Bubble: No more escalating costs!

Solution Content: I don’t need to waste resources on extensive training. Smart Glasses simplify operations and significantly cut down operational expenses. 

Inventory Control Specialists

Thought Bubble: No more inventory errors!

Solution Content: I don’t need to second-guess stock levels. Real-time tracking and hands-free scanning ensure precise inventory management. 

Witness how we tackle diverse warehouse management challenges.

Top Features for Crave EWM Smart Glasses App

Crave EWM Smart Glasses App 1 24 | Crave Infotech

Efficient Picking Activity with Zero Errors 

Enhance your warehouse picking processes with Smart Glasses for EWM. Operators can receive real-time updates and navigation aids directly through their Smart Glasses, ensuring accuracy and speed. The hands-free functionality allows for quicker item retrieval and reduces the likelihood of picking errors. 

  • Real-Time Data Sync: Instantly syncs picking orders to the device 
  • Voice Commands: Retrieve and confirm picking orders hands-free 
  • Visual Guidance: Visual prompts guide workers to the correct warehouse locations, minimizing travel time and errors. 

Streamlined Putaway Activity 

Smart Glasses for EWM revolutionizes the putaway process by providing visual and audio instructions directly to the user. This seamless guidance helps in placing goods in the right location quickly and accurately, maximizing space utilization and reducing manual checks. 

  • Automated Data Entry: Automatically updates the inventory system as items are shelved. 
  • Guided Navigation: Directs users to the optimal putaway locations, saving time and reducing physical strain. 
Crave EWM Smart Glasses App 24 | Crave Infotech

Accurate Physical Inventory 

Conduct thorough and precise physical inventories with Smart Glasses for EWM. The integration of visual aids and voice control drastically reduces the time and effort required for inventory checks, ensuring data accuracy and compliance. 

  • Error Reduction: Visual confirmation and voice feedback help prevent counting errors. 
  • Efficient Scanning: Quickly scan barcodes and RFID tags without the need to handle handheld devices. 

The Crave Advantage

50% reduction in maintenance costs

35% reduction in warehouse operating costs

15% reduced labour cost per unit handled

Built with SAP BTP, cross-platform integration-ready

Out-of-box: Fast deployment, adoption, and go-to-market

Integration ready with pre-packaged functions

Experience Enhanced Warehouse Operations

Discover the full potential of your warehouse with Smart Glasses for EWM. Click below to see how our solution can transform your daily operations.