Streamline Operational Efficiency with Fast, Reliable RF EWM Mobile App

Introducing RF EWM: the lightning-fast, reliable, and user-friendly mobile Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) app. Our RF-enabled metadata-driven MDK-based native mobile application extends warehouse operations on Zebra handheld computers. This solution interfaces smoothly with SAP S/4HANA on-premise and SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Our mobile app can automate inbound and outbound processes for your EWM, allowing you to handle units promptly, streamline put away/receipts, automate RF inventory counting, and speed up goods issues.

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Maximized Efficiency, Minimized Errors


Works online & offline

Modern UI/UX

Modern UX/UI

Native App

Native mobile app powered by SAP MDK

RF Enabled

Efficient RFID & Barcode enablement anywhere

SAP BTP Powered

Works on ECC S/4 HANA & S/4 Public Cloud

Why Choose RF-EWM?

RF-EWM is not just another warehouse management system. It is a game-changer that leverages radio frequency technology to optimize your warehouse processes and streamline operations. Here’s why RF-EWM stands out:

Gain complete visibility into your inventory at all times. With RF-EWM, you can track stock levels, locations, and movements instantly, ensuring accurate stock counts and minimizing errors.

RF-EWM revolutionizes your order fulfillment process. With real-time data and advanced picking and packing features, you can reduce errors, accelerate order processing, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Say goodbye to wasted time searching for products. RF-EWM helps you optimize your warehouse layout by suggesting the most efficient storage locations, reducing travel time, and improving overall productivity.

Simplify your receiving and put-away processes with RF-EWM. Automated data capture and intelligent routing ensure that products are quickly and accurately received, sorted, and stored in the right locations.

RF-EWM provides granular tracking and tracing capabilities, allowing you to monitor inventory movements, maintain accurate records, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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Ignite Your Efficiency with the Lightning-Fast and User-friendly RF EWM App

Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error. The occurrence of errors for manually entered data is significantly higher than that of barcodes. A barcode scan is fast and reliable and takes infinitely less time than entering data by hand.

The right order-picking strategy can help you decrease your warehousing and distribution costs by providing the delivery team with the most efficient route along the product pickups, thereby saving time and optimizing the pickers’ efforts for each item.

RF-EWM offers out-of-box integration of multiple devices like Zebra, Honeywell, and Panasonic handheld, as well as barcode and RFID scanning. It has the inbuilt capability of hands-free picking, OCR, push notifications, and printing.

Enjoy enhanced user interface, easy UI customization, and developer-friendly low-code JavaScript development. It also supports Windows devices and a disruptive pre-packaged app to carry out critical warehouse operator functions efficiently.

Embrace the Power of EWM Today and Ignite Your Warehouse Operations!

Ready to revolutionize your warehouse efficiency? Sign up for a personalized demo; request more information by completing the form below. Take the first step towards transforming your warehouse operations today!

How RF-EWM is Empowering Warehouse Excellence

The Challenge: Overseeing day-to-day warehouse operations, managing teams, maintaining productivity, and resolving operational issues.


How RF-EWM helps: RF-EWM provides real-time visibility into inventory, automates task allocation and monitoring, facilitates efficient resource utilization, and offers comprehensive reporting. It empowers me to streamline operations, enhance team productivity, and proactively address operational challenges.

The Challenge: Balancing inventory levels, preventing stockouts, and maintaining accurate stock records.


How RF-EWM helps: RF-EWM gives him real-time inventory visibility, automates replenishment processes, offers demand forecasting capabilities, and enables efficient stock rotation strategies. It helps him optimize inventory levels, reduce costs, and maintain accurate stock records.

The Challenge: Adhering to safety and quality standards, minimizing errors while maximizing operational efficiency.


How RF-EWM helps: RF-EWM automates his tasks, optimizes inventory storage and retrieval, enhances order fulfillment accuracy, and provides performance metrics to help him achieve operational excellence, minimize errors, and boost efficiency.

The Challenge: Ensuring seamless end-to-end supply chain operations, reducing operational costs, optimizing resource utilization, and meeting strategic goals.


How RF-EWM helps: With RF-EWM, he gains real-time analytics for demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and resource utilization. It empowers him to make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and achieve his strategic supply chain goals.

Experience the RF-EWM Advantage

If you’re planning to use WM or already using WM, now is the time for an upgrade!

Step into the Future; Embrace the RF-EWM Advantage and witness the transformation first-hand. Join numerous satisfied customers who have revolutionized their warehouses with RF-EWM. Streamline processes, boost efficiency, and achieve unparalleled accuracy. Take the Leap with RF-EWM and Redefine your warehouse Possibilities!