Improve your Inventory management with Crave InfoTech’s Warehouse Management suite. Max out your Available Inventory Accuracy with our automated and simplified in-app processes.

Crave InfoTech offers complete inventory handling efficiency - from optimizing time to receive and putaway time - to easy unit locating, picking, and shipping. We optimize your warehouse operations for perfect inventory management.

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Inventory Management Boost with Crave InfoTech

Streamline and improve ‘Time To Receive’

Perfect processes to reduce ‘Putaway Time’

Boost Available Inventory Accuracy (AIA)

High AIA to minimize ‘Inventory Shrinkage’

High productivity with a low Lost Sales Ratio

Ensure a healthy Inventory Turnover Rate

Top features for Inventory Management

Easy Putaway | Reduce putaway time and cost

Warehouse handlers can streamline goods receipt with Crave InfoTech’s Extended Warehouse Management product, cEWM. They can create handling units and print labels on the spot. All this is recorded in the system on the go, irrespective of whether the app is online or offline.

Create handling unit and assign to the right bin

The handlers can easily assign the handling units to destination bins. It’s all process driven with minimized operational cost. The assigned warehouse worker then heads to the destination bin to complete the putaway process.

Ensure accuracy | Just scan and putaway

At the bin, they simply scan the bin to link it with the handling unit. If a wrong (different from assigned) bin is scanned, the app would prompt the same and direct them to the right bin. Thus, Crave’s ‘easy putaway’ ensures fast processing with high accuracy and error mitigation.

All this can be done online or offline from a single RF-enabled and cross-platform app.

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Locate item through the app | Follow the pings

Ever spent countless minutes in a huge warehouse just searching for a specific item or unit? Crave InfoTech’s ‘inventory management’ is here to end this search and confusion.

Full visibility from goods receiving to putaway

Crave’s automated and error-free goods receive / putaway process ensures that every item is linked with its handling unit (at source) and every unit is linked with its bin.

All bins, units, and items are scanned via Crave InfoTech’s RF-enabled app. Fresh labels can also be printed via the app, right on the floor. This means that every item can be pinpointed at any time in the warehouse.

App guides worker to exact item location

The icing on the cake here is the ability to actively ‘locate’ an item in the warehouse. The worker just selects the desired item/unit and clicks on ‘search’ in the app. The app then guides them to the exact location of the item.

RFID and barcode scanning for perfect inventory management

Bulk scan all items in one swipe

Warehouse workers can just swipe the Crave app-enabled device across a stack of items and scan them in the system in one go.

Multi-category scan for all items

No switching item categories for scans. Workers can just move the scanner over multiple types of items to scan them all at once.

Incoming and outgoing inventory

Automated and instant scanning of incoming and/or outgoing inventory to check if any items are missing from the stack.

Fast picking for shipping or bin-to-bin transfer

Pickers can easily locate the unit in the warehouse, down to the final section or bin - as mentioned in the ‘locate item’ part on this page. This helps them ensure faster picking, packaging, and shipping.

Easy bin-to-bin transfer for internal processes

Units also need to be moved from bin-to-bin (section to section) for internal efficiency or operational requirements. This bin-to-bin transfer can be optimized via the crave app with our ‘picking’ and ‘putaway’ processes.

The picker simply scans the required bin. All the units held by the bin can be seen in the picker’s Crave app. They can scan the required unit/item to initiate the goods issue or bin-to-bin transfer process.

Real-time accuracy for all inventory movement

All this is recorded directly in the system without human intervention - all through direct scans at the source point. This ensures that the right unit/item is picked quickly while reflecting real-time accurate updates in the system.

Picking to Loading Intelligent Warehouse Management
RFID Tech for Warehouse Management

Perfect cycle counting for optimized inventory management

Apart from putaway and picking, another critical part of inventory management is the ‘holding’ and ‘counting’ of inventory. Proper inventory counting sets the ground to define the efficiency of the warehouse - setting up the basis for a healthy Inventory Turnover Ratio and Sellthrough Rate.

Scan to easily find missing items in bin

Crave InfoTech ensures that the held inventory in units and value reflected in the system is accurate and real-time.

Inventory counters can use our app to scan the bin to show the list of its constituent units. These are the ones recorded in the system. They can then bulk scan the actual units in the bin to show any missing or unaccounted-for units. This is done in seconds and is 100% accurate.

High accuracy for inventory counting

This further ensures faster cycle counting, lower operational/labor costs, and perfect Available Inventory Accuracy (process-driven, audit-ready, and automated).

Efficiency Inventory Management powered by SAP BTP

Crave InfoTech is an established and sought-after enabler for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) around the world. SAP BTP is the peak-performing platform in the business, leveraging the industry depth of SAP and its great advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence (resulting in max performance, availability, and manageability with minimum latency).

Crave InfoTech’s inventory and warehouse management products are perfected by our decade-plus industry expertise and powered by SAP BTP. We are also key partners with smart computing device stalwarts like Zebra Technologies.

This helps us offer the best of 3-worlds, platform + hardware + Crave’s industry-perfected product. This is the real end-to-end inventory management solution.

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Our Value Drivers

40%+ booster for inventory management effectiveness

Sustainability: Go green with 100% paperwork reduction

Reduce TCO up to 80% | Savings across the board

Online, offline, anywhere, anytime - 100% Available

Built with SAP BTP, cross-platform integration-ready

15% labor cost reduction per handling unit

Low-code/No-code implementations and integrations

Out-of-box: Fast deployment, adoption, and go-to-market

Multilingual for global adoption and optimized UI/UX

Industry Expertise

Let’s turn our deep knowledge of your industry into shared success

SAP BTP Product Extensions

Crave InfoTech has extensions or applications ready to be implemented made by years of knowledge and experience.