Crave InfoTech’s Extended Warehouse Management - cEWM app will help streamline your Warehouse Management System (WMS) with full inbound and outbound process automation, creating handling units on-the-spot, instant put away and goods receipt processing, automated RF-enabled inventory counting, and full goods issue processing.

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Challenges within Warehouse Management System

Lack of an entirely digitized WMS

A non-digitized WMS system leads to delays and errors in receipt and issues data. Paper-based processes are also a deterrent to scaling and innovation.

Connectivity issues while handling ITS

If you’re using alternative systems like ITS mobiles, you would know that poor or loss of connectivity can disrupt the process, resulting in data loss.

Time-consuming and diverse processes

Multiple processes across different apps or systems can lead to confusion, longer adoption times, and longer go-to-market for fresh product or unit devs.

Multiple integrations and data input points

Paper-based or type-in data input screens, there’s clear potential for input errors. Further, multiple integrations may lead to a complicated core and lags.

Top features for Extended Warehouse Management - cEWM

Work online or offline with zero lag

Crave Infotech’s independent Extended Warehouse Management app can work equally well online or offline across the stretch of your large warehouse.

Don’t lose process data due to poor connection

If you’ve faced data loss and delay issues due to poor connections within your Internet Transaction Server (ITS) phones, our cEWM is the right product for you. With cEWM you have no breaks or lags in your process, irrespective of connectivity.

Simple UI, cross-platform, built over SAP BTP

Warehouse handlers, packers, and pickers can use the simple UI/UX of cEWM, built over SAP BTP, for fast inbound, outbound, and internal processes. Radiofrequency (RF)-enabled and cross-platform ready app for fast deployment, adoption, and go-to-market.

cEWM app's process selection screen
cEWM Inbound Delivery List

Inbound Process Automation

Ensure full inbound process automation with our extended warehouse management app, as you scan in and validate all inbound units, directly updating them in the system.

Automate, validate, and post goods receipt

Scan all inbound items directly into the system with the RFID and Barcode-enabled cEWM apps. This saves time and boosts accuracy while making the process completely digital. Validate all items as they come in and post goods receipt, in the same process.

Create single or multiple handling units for quick put away

As you process your goods receipt, create handling units (one or many) directly into the system from the cEWM in the same process. Link your items to their handling units by scanning them into the system. Create multiple handling units, if required, for easy put-away. All in a few clicks.

Easily edit handling units details and print handling unit details

Control and edit the handling unit details anytime from the app. Directly print the full scannable label for the handling unit at the click of a single button within the app.

Put away automation to streamline warehouse management

How do you know the exact location of each item in your warehouse, at all times? This is done with an Intelligent Warehouse Management System. One key step for this is put away automation.

Easily assign handling units to destination bins

Simply use the cEWM app to scan the handling unit and the destination bin to link them. Thence, the system would know which bin has what handling unit > holding which item. All of this is done within a single cEWM app.

cEWM Internal Process Queries
cEWM Cycle Counting

Automate internal processing with a single app

Along with inbound/outbound and put away processing, automate internal processes with the same cEWM app.

Streamline bin-to-bin transfer from the cEWM app

Use the cEWM app for easy bin-to-bin transfer operations. Just scan the source bin, which will show the full list of the handling units in that bin. Scan the desired unit and move to scan the destination bin. Scan this bin to complete the transfer. All info is directly pulled from the system, ensuring total accuracy.

Easy inventory counting and internal processing

Want to do a cycle count for your warehouse? Just open the cEWM app and scan the desired bin. The app would show all the recorded handling units in the system (as per the system). You can bulk-scan the actual bin contents to know if something is missing. This means that you can validate the inventory (in the bin) in seconds.

Outbound process automation

As you did with the inbound process automation, use the cEWM app to automate your outbound process for a fully streamlined warehouse management system.

Find units easily through the cEWM

If you want to quickly find a particular handling unit in the warehouse, simply select that unit in your app and click ‘search’. The scanner would beep faster as you near this unit, homing in on the destination.

Scan bins and pick the right unit, quickly

Just scan the bin and the app shows all the handling units in that bin. Select the handling unit, which would show you the items held in that unit. Scan the unit to validate the pick. You can also delink the handling unit from the item for process congruency and accuracy.

cEWM Picking HU Details
cEWM app running on various mobile devices | Crave Infotech

Out-of-the-box integrations with Zebra Technologies and other computing devices

Our cEWM app is integration-ready, out-of-the-box with the computing devices (like scanners and tabs) from Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Panasonic, and more. The app also supports Optical Character Reading (OCR), hands-free picking, notifications, and label printing.

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Our Value Drivers

35%+ boost to warehouse efficiency and effectiveness

Sustainability: Go green with 100% paperwork reduction

Reduce TCO up to 80% | Savings across the board

Online, offline, anywhere, anytime - 100% Available

Built with SAP BTP, cross-platform integration-ready

15% labor cost reduction per handling unit

Low-code/No-code implementations and integrations

Out-of-box: Fast deployment, adoption, and go-to-market

Multilingual for global adoption and optimized UI/UX

Industry Expertise

Let’s turn our deep knowledge of your industry into shared success

SAP BTP Product Extensions

Crave InfoTech has extensions or applications ready to be implemented made by years of knowledge and experience.