It’s the new age of IoT enabled processes and fast deliveries backed by truly intelligent warehouse management. Don’t let the past hold you back when market requirements demand speed, accuracy, and agility in warehousing.

Picking to loading through smooth workflows

Streamline all processes on the warehouse floor, right from picking, sorting, staging, all the way to loading and dispatch through simple and intuitive workflows. Ensure consistency across thousands of orders and on-time dispatches, every time. Achieve complete concurrency and automation.

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Picking to Loading Intelligent Warehouse Management
Full order tracking Intelligent Warehouse Management

Full order tracking and process visibility

Know exactly where each order / package is located within the multi-acre warehouses or mega distribution centers. In-app routing and intra warehouse mapping will quickly direct the picker to the exact pallet or bin holding the package. All employees and managers alike have full process visibility.

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Asset Security and Delivery Precision with Electronic Proof of Delivery

Secure your assets and streamline delivery processes with Crave InfoTech’s Asset Tracking and Electronic Proof of Delivery solution. Designed for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, this solution enhances driver safety and boosts customer satisfaction by ensuring timely, paperless deliveries. Track vehicles and materials in real-time along assigned routes, all within a single solution that integrates GPS hardware, tracking software, mobile applications, and wireless connectivity seamlessly with SAP. Supported by robust database management and reporting capabilities via SAP HANA, our solution leverages advanced mapping technologies from Google or ESRI for precise asset tracking.

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Optimize Last-Mile Delivery with Real-Time Tracking

Ensure the efficiency of your last-mile delivery operations with Crave InfoTech’s Last Mile Tracking solution. This system is designed to optimize the final step of the delivery process, helping businesses improve timeliness, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Gain real-time insights into delivery statuses and driver performance, enabling quick adjustments and more informed decision-making. Our solution facilitates smoother workflows and more reliable service delivery, integrating seamlessly with existing logistics systems to provide comprehensive visibility of all delivery activities.

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Total warehouse automation with handheld devices that are smart and robust

We offer full enterprise mobility and all-round efficiencies for the warehouse workforce with robust yet smart handheld computing devices. We have partnered with the leaders in the space, Zebra Technologies, to bring forth the best mobility solutions, including scanners, tablets, smart glasses, etc.

Fast and accurate RFID and barcode scanners

Automate all warehouse processes with fast and error-free RFID and barcode scanners. The picker can stand a yard apart and cleanly scan even small labels on unit items. All info is directly pulled into the system to auto-populate the workflows and related delivery timelines. It’s as easy as ‘scan and go’.

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Internet-of-Things Intelligent Warehouse Management

Total IoT enablement with on-hand insights

Gain the status of being an ‘Intelligent’ warehouse by combining, through Crave InfoTech, the best of Internet of Things connectivity and automation with the platform intelligence of SAP BTP. This means that you have live and end-to-end process tracking along with actionable insights at your fingertips.

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Streamline Truck Loading with Digital Truck Latency Management

Enhance your truck loading processes with Crave InfoTech’s Truck Latency Management solution. This advanced mobile application, tailored from our Direct Store Delivery solution, addresses the challenges of traditional truck loading operations and transforms them digitally. Utilizing SAP Fiori and UI5, our solution simplifies the entire truck-loading process, making it more effective and efficient.

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Enhance Efficiency with MRO Warehouse Automation

Elevate your maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) processes with Crave InfoTech’s MRO Warehouse Automation solution. This system streamlines warehouse operations for improved efficiency and accuracy in inventory management. By automating key warehouse functions, our solution reduces manual errors, speeds up operations, and ensures that essential MRO inventory is accurately tracked and readily available. Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to provide a comprehensive view of warehouse operations and real-time data access.

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Optimize Logistics with Advanced Transport Management

Transform your transport operations with Crave InfoTech’s Transport Management solution. Designed to enhance the efficiency of your logistics our solution optimizes route planning, improves vehicle utilization, and reduces transportation costs. Gain real-time visibility into your fleet operations with precise tracking for better decision-making. Our solution integrates seamlessly with existing logistics systems, providing comprehensive management of shipments, schedules, and driver communications.

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