Boost the supply chain efficiency as you improve lead times, optimize resource utilization, and ensure perfectly compliant and live-tracked logistics while enhancing the end-consumer experience. Crave InfoTech’s Digital Supply Chain Management solutions enable all this along with full enterprise mobility and automation.

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Top 6 problems faced within a Supply Chain

High Search Time in Large Warehouses

Modern warehouses and mega distribution centers are larger than most football fields. Finding the right item in quick time becomes a difficult task, especially with a not-digitized inventory management system.

Escalating Costs Due to Mismanaged Resources

Overall resource costs continue to climb with fuel rate hikes, global supply chain delays, and driver shortages. There’s a need to optimize resources and capacities to maximize efficiency and, in turn, reduce costs.

Long Yard Wait-Time and Dispatch Delays

Drivers sometimes wait for hours in the yard to dock their trailers into the warehouse. This leads to dispatch and final delivery delays. It also means under-utilization of trailers and dissatisfaction among drivers.

Inability to Know Live Status of Deliveries

Once the shipment leaves the warehouse, it’s important to know the movement and delivery status. Inability to track this leads to longer reaction time in case of emergencies and/or supply chain disruptions.

Errors with Paper-Based Proof of Delivery

A simple paper-based delivery fulfillment proof means that the warehouse would get to know of the delivery fulfillment much later. It also opens up error possibilities and potential disputes.

Delays and Errors in Credit Management

The credit management cycle stretches over a long period due to manual to-and-fro of details without proper shipment status updates and error-free proof of deliveries. It leads to higher claims and discrepancies.

Crave InfoTech – End-to-End Digital Supply Chain Solutions

Crave InfoTech has been solving all these problems with its end-to-end digital supply chain management solutions. It has key partnerships with SAP, Zebra Technologies, HERE maps, and more.

With such a complete solution-set in place, Crave InfoTech offers 100% digitization and automation, full enterprise mobility, complete warehouse and extended warehouse management, asset management, live shipment tracking, Electronic Proof of Deliveries (EPOD), and real-time credit management.

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Intelligent Warehouse Management (IWM)

Crave InfoTech’s IWM offers complete warehouse solutions including full digitization and RFID-enablement for point-and-click synchronizations. It means easy, optimized, and fast item picking, staging, and loading. It’s end-to-end warehouse solutions in one-go.

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Intelligent supply chain management and distribution
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Intelligent Asset Management (IAM)

Crave InfoTech’s Asset Management solution ensures full shop floor task visibility and agility with seamless asset maintenance and calibration workflows. This makes sure that your operations always give high throughput and have high uptime.

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Full Resource and Capacity Optimization

You can optimize time and resources with an automated and digitized system. You can assign and track warehouse tasks on the go with full enterprise mobility. Backed by planned staging and loading, you can optimize any trailer’s/truck’s loading capacity.

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End-to-end process visibility intelligent Supply Chain

Extended Warehouse/Yard Management

Crave InfoTech helps ensure full in-yard tracking with automated RFID scans for an optimized loading and dispatch schedule. Each driver can have an exact ETA for docking and dispatch. This also ensures a clear and consistent delivery timeline.

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Real-time Track and Trace

Once the shipment leaves the warehouse, the supply chain managers can view real-time shipment tracking in their portals. It’s live track and trace for the full delivery journey from anywhere to anywhere. They can also track the condition of the items in transit.

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Here’s how to boost supply chain efficiency
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Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD)

Crave InfoTech enables precise and instant electronic proof of deliveries or EPOD. The delivery personnel can scan items (using their smartphones) while unloading for partial/full fulfillment proofs. They also take a pic of the final delivery with an E-Sign from the receiver.

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Instant and Compliant Credit Management

Crave InfoTech also offers complete credit management solutions. Everything can be digital eliminating the need for paper-based claim filings. The receiver files a claim from a web-portal. Since the entire delivery journey is time-stamped and tracked, the validation is quick and accurate.

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Here’s how to boost supply chain efficiency

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