The supply chain must be fast and precise, or else, it is deemed broken. Get with the times and infuse true ‘intelligence’ within your supply chain management to get live process visibility, enterprise mobility, and delivery validations.

Full Track and Trace with EPOD

Total enterprise mobility with live order tracking inside and outside of the warehouse. Get real-time insights about the location of each order as it moves through your system, right up to the point it gets delivered. Also, ensure perfect validations with electronic proofs of delivery or ePODs.

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Digital Supply Chain making operations simpler
End-to-end process visibility intelligent Supply Chain

End-to-end process and fulfillment visibility

Know the what, where, when, and how of all deliveries, all the time. Tie in all collaborative databases with vendors, third-party logistics partners, carriers, distributors, etc. in one system with a single source of truth and full process visibility. Now you can control each aspect of your supply chain.

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Become an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Rise fast and strong on the warehouse maturity curve to become truly ‘future-ready’ and market-primed. Leverage the power of an intelligent platform along with the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence to achieve the ‘best-run’ version of your supply chain.

Fast deployment and perfect configurations

Make your supply chain intelligent within a month. Just focus on your business use-cases, and we will configure SAP’s enterprise solutions along with our ready-to-deploy products perfectly to your requirements. Get a running start with an easy-to-use system and on-hand actionable insights.

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Fast deployment Intelligent Supply Chain
Mobile device showing delivery route

Error-free credit and returns management

Perfect electronic proofs of delivery with time-stamps and live validations help in seamless and error-free credit management. Settle all claims and disputes with ease. Create, manage, and track return workflows and processes in real-time for superior efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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