Crave InfoTech’s cMaintenance solution converts paper-based Plant maintenance activities for prevention, correction and breakdown into an information technology system which utilizes mobility features. Our solution collects all maintenance activities so that data and knowledge can improve efficiency.

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Common Challenges Faced by Facility & Equipment Maintenance Professionals

Lack of proper risk-based maintenance protocols lead to frequent breakdown occurrences and tend to stretch out resources and result in downtime or delays.

Improper facility inspection and maintenance processes, especially the ones that involve long manual reports, are often time-consuming and error-prone.

Without asset maintenance automation, the processes and reports are rife with human errors, duplication of data / efforts, elongated maintenance timelines, etc.

It’s a hassle to align all spare part availability, skill set-to-job matchups (right person), the right tools, and the right time for the job for minimal operational hit.

Top Features of cMaintenance by Crave

Real-time job status visibility and approvals

Know the exact status of all on-floor jobs in real-time. Assign tasks or jobs on the go from anywhere based on requirements or schedules. Remotely validate and approve the time-stamped technical completion of all jobs, live, from a simple dashboard.

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Scan assets and print labels instantly, anywhere

Shop floor technicians and engineers can simply scan the assets, parts, material, or items at their job destination. This can be done directly from handheld devices or fast-acting RFID scanners. They can even print labels directly on the floor with portable printers.

Perfect workflows for error-free processes

Directly scanning assets or items will auto-populate all relevant information from the master database, like the functional location, standard operating procedures, etc. The technician follows an intuitive workflow to successfully fulfill the intended task.

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Go from reactive to predictive maintenance

Future-proof your maintenance processes as you move from merely reacting to breakdowns and disruptions, to being able to predict the occurrence of every anomaly. Ensure high asset availability and wrench time with the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning

Solution Environment

Our Value Drivers

30% increase Facility Inspector’s efficiency

100% reduction in paperwork

A disruptive app, pre-packaged to expedite the implementation time, ROI realization, and reduction in TCO up to 80%

Completely scalable technology that grows with the business

Spend time and resources on adding value to your business, instead of employee hours spent in data entry and fixing errors

80% increase in efficient follow up on jobs

Fully configurable UI from the back-end

Multi-lingual capabilities

Fully responsive with iOS, Android, Tablet, etc. Out of the box

Industry Expertise

Let’s turn our deep knowledge of your industry into shared success

SAP BTP Product Extensions

Crave InfoTech has extensions or applications ready to be implemented made by years of knowledge and experience.