Existing paper-based equipment Calibration Process is more error-prone and time-consuming due to problems with locating the right equipment due for calibration; no measure to ensure the calibration process as per SOP; and manual data entry at multiple locations with a lack of on-the-spot validations resulting in an impact on product quality while affecting overall compliance.

Crave InfoTech’s cCalibration solves all these issues and puts you on the right path to total calibration and asset efficiency.

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Common Challenges faced with Maintenance and Calibration

Workers spend excessive time manually taking readings and logging the data again later on

Data quality is often inconsistent and inaccurate

Meeting regulatory compliance is difficult with the quality of data and manual paperwork

Lengthy calibration process is costly

Arm Yourself with the Perfect Calibration Solution

Boost end-to-end calibration efficiency

Complete workflow and Cloud integration built inside the cCalibration mobile app for engineering and production personnel for complete compliance. Every function from assignment to completion can be performed offline.

App processes include assignment of the work order, capture timestamps, result recording, validation of results, capture necessary approvals for usage decision, capture failure details, materials consumed, equipment release, and label printing in the field.

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Boost end-to-end calibration efficiency
Zero-error data capture with in-app scans

Zero-error data capture with in-app scans

Scanning allows identification of the correct equipment. Master Instrument assignment and validation of readings with Master calibration for planned and unplanned characteristics as per defined SOP.

User authentication and forwarding are available to decrease the length of the approval process. Timestamp capture of each step helps create reports and audit logs.

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Precise and compliant calibration processes

Ensure 100% as-expected performance with precise and timely calibrations with Crave InfoTech. Become compliant with all local and federal regulatory agencies from day one, and stay compliant as you operate. Bridge the gap between expectation and excellence to be the best-run version of yourself.

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Our Value Drivers

Improve accuracy of readings by 40%

Cut time of calibration process by at least 60%

Failures are handled accurately with at least 90% efficiency and follow up

Reduce process’s paper consumption by at least 80%

Real-time Integration with SAP PM and SAP QM module removes the need for data entry

A disruptive app, pre-packaged to expedite the implementation time, ROI realization, and reduction in TCO up to 80%

Completely scalable technology that grows with the business

End-to-end offline capabilities

In app barcode scanner and signature capture capabilities

Fully configurable and user friendly UI from the back-end

Multi-lingual capabilities

Fully responsive with iOS, Android, Tablet, etc. out of the box

Industry Expertise

Let’s turn our deep knowledge of your industry into shared success

SAP BTP Product Extensions

Crave InfoTech has extensions or applications ready to be implemented made by years of knowledge and experience.