Poor maintenance strategies hampering your productivity? No more! Switch from reactive to predictive maintenance with AI-powered analytics for proactive, autonomous interventions

Predictive maintenance powered by AI not only foresees equipment failures but also ensures adherence to rigorous regulatory standards, enhancing both compliance and operational efficiency. Crave InfoTech’s predictive analytics assessment dives deep into your business landscape, pinpointing the best solutions tailored to your industry needs and specific challenges. 

By integrating predictive maintenance capabilities with SAP, your organization can not only prevent costly disruptions but also streamline compliance reporting and improve audit trails, significantly reducing risk. Our industry-compliant solutions are designed to transform your maintenance strategies and operational workflows, delivering substantial financial savings and efficiency gains. 

Instant Precision, Zero Delay

Receive immediate, precise insights and data directly on your screen for each query, eliminating any latency or loss of context.

Accurate Cost Forecasting Through Insights

Utilize Crave-enabled AI for precise predictive analytics on costs recommendations for inventory management.

Intelligent AI Models Rooted in Business Logic

Leverage Crave’s intelligent AI with practical business logic for enhanced the accuracy and predictive analytics.

Built-in 100% Compliance

Our SAP AI integrates seamlessly with SAP’s core compliance standards, ensuring fully compliant responses in all interactions.

Predictive asset maintenance for minimal downtime and max asset lifetime value  

Constancy and efficiency are critical for business continuity. If you know when your asset or machine is going to need attention, and ‘what it needs’ – then you can plan the downtime, skill-fit technicians, and necessary parts up to perfection.  

It can also branch out into your supply chain to streamline procurement and work-order management, making them a breeze.  

Well, that’s exactly what we can do. 

Simplified step-by-step PR creation 

 Crave helps you follow the business-logic to create a perfect PR in a few clicks. Select from a simple and truncated (only relevant options) dropdown menu. 

Using smart data modeling for predicting breakdowns  

Crave leverages SAP’s neural networks, SAP Datasphere, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP AI to create smart AI models that process asset information, current and historic, to predict if, when, and what maintenance the asset requires. 

AI-powered Predictive Analytics By Crrave InfoTech
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Predict all inventory levels in line with sales, production, and operations  

Crave InfoTech’s inventory prediction AI-model can help predict the ideal inventory levels for all items/commodities based on sales processes, required production and operational support, etc.  

You would know how much inventory should be held in which warehouse to sustain the supply chain for the connected network, at any given time.  

Cut down inventory holding/carrying cost eliminating deadstock or overstocking  

The smart AI-model leverages Federated Machine Learning (FedML) to synchronize multiple processes entities across sales, production, operations, supply chain (lead times), etc. (using SAP Datasphere’s superior data sanity) to predict exact inventory levels for all items.  

As said, knowing this will eliminate deadstock or overstocking – increase inventory availability and production streamlining.  

Better inventory predictions help align procurement and supply chain 

The AI-model’s accurate inventory prediction goes a long way in establishing streamlined sales and procurement processes. If you knew that you would need X stock 2 months from now, you would be better equipped to plan for the best vendor and costs – avoiding market-rush-led demand hikes. 

Business Benefits |Crave InfoTech’s AI-powered Predictive Analytics

Future-Ready Predictions for Freight and Inventory Management

Enhanced Productivity and Reduced Costs

Increase Efficiency and Accountability

Intuitive Analytics Accessible to All Skill Levels

Leverage Data-Driven Forecasts for Precise Outcomes

Harness Cutting-Edge AI for Immediate Insights

Are You Leveraging AI to Predict Future Trends Effectively?

Discover how our AI-powered Predictive Analytics can transform your data into actionable insights.