Maintenance Engineer

  • I spend most of the time on data collection and data entry
  • Most of my decisions are based on experience and gut feeling
  • I follow what my planner has asked me to do

Maintenance Planner

  • I don’t know if all my asset data are complete
  • My Equipment performance, risk, and maintenance data are sitting in silos
  • I still follow the traditional practice of Time Based Maintenance Planning
  • I use a system to generate only MIS reports.
  • I spend a lot of time preparing them, so hardly get time to analyze them

Plant Head

  • I want to make my production Scheduling decisions based on the equipment health and reliability data
  • I want to optimize my cost of production
  • Maintenance budget decisions are based on the non-scientific methods
  • I want to adopt digital technologies like IoT and Machine learning to reduce maintenance cost and increase asset availability, thus move from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

Crave Enterprise Asset Management Software can help you to solve these problems. Our prepackaged applications with SAP asset management can reduce cost with increased efficiency of your business.

Optimize Resource Utilization and Increase Transparency with SAP MRS (Multi Resource Scheduling)

In every business, the success of customer projects hinges on efficient planning and execution. Crave InfoTech elevates this process, blending SAP MRS with tools like Analysis for Excel and a user-friendly web interface to enhance project delivery and resource management. Whether it’s plant maintenance or project business, gain a real-time view of resource allocations and project statuses with our intuitive planning board. This integration allows you to seamlessly view, analyze, and interpret order data, ensuring the right technician with the right skills is matched to each job, thereby improving repair work and service quality.

Enhance your resource planning and project execution today!

Our Unique Approach

Crave InfoTech's unique Asset Management Maturity Model

We equip you with custom solutions empowering every stage of your journey.

1. Reactive

The approach is focused on taking reactive measures towards enterprise manufacturing

2. Preventive

This approach is focused on scheduling operations to prevent from immediate crisis or operation stalling.

3. Condition-based

This approach is focused on real-time observation and rectification using predefined conditions & events.

4. Predictive

This approach is the ultimate vision for any large enterprise and is focused on applying advanced analytics on historical data to predict situation and maintain preventive readiness.

Crave InfoTech enables organizations to kick-start their 4 step journey from being REACTIVE to becoming absolutely PREDICTIVE !

Our Expertise

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