Create immersive employee experience and value with Crave InfoTech's IT Declaration solution, under Human Resource Management. Configure the system to deliver speedy solutions and processes for seamless IT declarations within your enterprise. Ensure perfect, audit-ready data capture through intuitive UI, UX, and workflows.

Common Challenges Faced by Human Resource Management with IT Declaration

Seamless performance at scale is always desired, but seldom delivered by competitive solutions

Errors and discrepancies, unchecked, can create unpleasant experiences and audit-related issues

Without an intuitive employee experience for IT Declaration, the hours spent on the same, increases

Problems with IT declaration can impact employee satisfaction and, sometimes, even retention

Solution Environment

Our Value Drivers

30% increase Facility Inspector’s efficiency

100% reduction in paperwork

A disruptive app, pre-packaged to expedite the implementation time, ROI realization, and reduction in TCO up to 80%

Completely scalable technology that grows with the business

Spend time and resources on adding value to your business, instead of employee hours spent in data entry and fixing errors

80% increase in efficient follow up on jobs

Fully configurable UI from the back-end

Multi-lingual capabilities

Fully responsive with iOS, Android, Tablet, etc. Out of the box

Industry Expertise

Let’s turn our deep knowledge of your industry into shared success