This was an exclusive SAP Logistics Info Days event. Hear from industry leaders, experts, and technologists about the rising trends and best practices in the logistics and supply chain industry.

The logistics and supply chain industry has been digitally transforming their operations as the times change. Growing number of challenges, and similarly immense opportunities everyday have been instrumental in bringing about this digital transformation.

In this exclusive in-person event hear from Crave InfoTech, and other logistics leaders about how we are using the latest technology along with SAP Logistics Solutions to bring a revolution in the digital supply chain domain.

What was covered!

This exclusive in-person event gave opportunity to:

  • See how to leverage cloud technology to get live insights into your operations so that you can avoid any disruptions in your supply chain.
  • Meet with North America’s logistics community, industry experts, and like-minded peers.
  • Get to know about the latest swing in supply chain industry, the best practices, successful use-case, and the potential future.
  • Get a tour of SAP Industry 4.0 Live Factory and find out the innovation, automation, robotics, and smart manufacturing present in modern operations.
  • Discover sustainable operations in logistics that target zero emissions and zero waste.
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Crave InfoTech at the event!

Crave InfoTech's Shrikant Nistane presenting to the audience
Attendees enquiring about Crave InfoTech
Ashwin at the Crave InfoTech booth
Visitors exchanging details with Shrikant