SAP Roundtable 6 | Digital Dashboards/Analytics Powered by SAP BTP

Our Roundtable series peaks with much-awaited discussions on the Digital Dashboards and Analytics powered by SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Data and derived intelligence are the success drivers for enterprises in the new age. In our 6th Roundtable, our panelists would interact about leveraging digital dashboards, business warehouses (SAP BW), and secure databases to structure, infer and deliver real-time insights to the right person, at their fingertips.

This roundtable follows a series of engaging and well-received sessions in a complete SAP BTP Roundtable series covering topics ranging from platform intelligence, process automation, digital technologies, and integrability. This round table aims to up the ‘learnings’ ante as it focuses on analytics and business drivers.

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The roundtable series is a culmination of multiple intelligent and learned discussions around SAP BTP and its all-round benefits for enterprises. These discussions cover everything from platform intelligence and analytics to actual solution-enablement.


Attendees would witness discussions about leveraging the Digital Boardroom and Business Warehouse to direct insights from data structures and databases. The session would explore the business context, innovation, and scalability with data unification and analytics cloud services.

Our SAP BTP Roundtable Speakers

MicrosoftTeams image 30 | Crave Infotech

Martin Grasshoff

SAP BTP Expert Customer Office


Shrikant Nistane | Crave Infotech

Shrikant Nistane

Digital Transformation Architect

Crave InfoTech

Patrick Willete | Crave Infotech

Patrick Willette

Director US Sales

Crave InfoTech

Ashwin Katkar | Crave Infotech

Ashwin Katkar

SAP Solution Architect – SAP BTP

Crave InfoTech

Manish Mishram | Crave Infotech

Manish Mishram

SAP Solution Architect – SAP BTP

Crave InfoTech

MicrosoftTeams image 29 | Crave Infotech

Shiromani Soni

SAP Solution Architect – SAP BTP

Crave InfoTech

Agenda | Discussion on SAP BTP-Powered Digital Dashboards and Analytics

How to leverage digital boardrooms and analytics, amplified via BTP, for process efficiency and optimization

Context: Data and insights enable cost, asset, and process optimization. This helps achieve cost-efficiency for resources and assets while increasing the repeatability and scalability of processes.

In the 6th session of our SAP BTP Round Table series, we will cover the ‘how’ of leveraging digital boardrooms and business warehouses to drive analytics from central, production, and collaborative databases.

Attendees would experience the full impact of an intelligent network driving scalability and efficiency, backed by empirically sound use cases.

In the 6th session of our SAP BTP Roundtable series, our panelists would discuss the optimal ways to turn data into intelligence and provide the same to the right person at the right time in a comprehensible manner!

Topics to discuss: SAP BTP Roundtable - Digital Dashboard and Analytics

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How SAP BTP’s inherent intelligence powers data unification and delivers actionable analytics

  • Learn how to take advantage of your existing investment in your BOBJ, BPC, Business Warehouse (BW) to reuse SAP BW data structures, transformations, customizations, and skills
  • Explore how to integrate your on-premises SAP Business Suite data with familiar connectivity and business context
  • Empower your business to innovate on SAP data with a unified data and analytics cloud service to scale efficiently in the cloud

Digital Dashboards and Analytics benefits with Crave InfoTech and SAP BTP

35%+ Efficiency Boost

Full integrability and extensibilty

High resource optimization

Effortless scalability

80% (up-to) TCO reduction

Real-time on-hand insights