SAP Roundtable 5 | BTP-powered CPI & API management

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Interoperability across databases and smart app-to-app (A2A) integrations require structured and faultless Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) and Application Programming Interface (API). SAP’s inherently intelligent Business Technology Platform (BTP) offers an optimal foundation for a powerful integration network.

We live in an vastly integrated economy where a multitude of products and services come together to deliver a cohesive solution. It’s important to have an error-free integration network that doesn’t just support seamless transactional data, but also interprets (and channels) actionable insights for pertinent consumption.

Our round table series, after covering (BTP) platform intelligence, SAP process automation, side-by-side extensions, and digital technologies (BTP) – now tackles the world of CPI and API management.


The SAP Roundtable is focused on creating a free and progressive exchange of learnings and insights. Industry and subject experts with decades of experience tackle key solution-enablement concepts that leverage SAP BTP to drive enterprise value.


Attendees, in SAP Roundtable 5, would witness the impact of faultless CPI and API management in a collaborative world of multiple standards (for transactional data). The panelists would discuss the importance of smart integrations using SAP BTP.

Our SAP BTP Roundtable Speakers

Chris Aron | Crave Infotech

Chris Aron

VP – Marketing & Solutions Management, SAP BTP


Tushar Pradhan | Crave Infotech

Tushar Pradhan

Sr. Product Manager, Cloud Integration Suite


Shrikant Nistane | Crave Infotech

Shrikant Nistane

Digital Transformation Architect

Crave InfoTech

Patrick Willete | Crave Infotech

Patrick Willette

Director US Sales

Crave InfoTech

Ashwin Katkar | Crave Infotech

Ashwin Katkar

SAP Solution Architect – SAP BTP

Crave InfoTech

Manish Mishram | Crave Infotech

Manish Mishram

SAP Solution Architect – SAP BTP

Crave InfoTech

MicrosoftTeams image 29 | Crave Infotech

Shiromani Soni

SAP Solution Architect – SAP BTP

Crave InfoTech

Agenda | Leveraging SAP BTP for CPI and API Management

How to ensure fast and error-free deployment with CPI and API management

Context: There are millions of transactional data bytes moving through an integrated and collaborative environment. It’s important to build a CPI and API management architecture that’s standard-agnostic (using SAP Integration Advisor), over an unified API layer with Open Connectors. The data sanity can be boosted through smart use of Integration Packages while mastering a cohesive and all-inclusive Event Mesh.

All this would ensure the architecture is data-centric and event-driven. It also enables clean and fast data exchange across systems and integrations. Further, it helps put forth a seamless interface (or solution) that offers the full gamut of benefits at the fingertips of the users.

In the 5th Session of our SAP BTP Roundtable series the panelists would cover the impact of proper CPI and API management. They would also discuss the actual ground-level enablement along with proper documentation (Swagger API) following all API policies.

Topics to discuss: SAP Round Table - Faultless CPI and API Management

Top enterprise benefits of SAP BTP and Crave InfoTech

How to enable faultless integrations with CPI and API management that’s complete and scalable from the ground-up

  • SAP Integration Advisory for integrations across standards
  • SAP Event Mesh for event-driven processes enabling agility and scalability
  • SAP Open Connectors for data-centric API layers
  • SAP Integration Packages for a smart integration flow and message mapping 
  • API Management with secure API policies and documentation (Swagger API)

CPI and API benefits with Crave InfoTech and SAP BTP

Full scalability and agility

Fast & Clean Deployment

80% (up-to) TCO Reduction

Total interoperability

35%+ Efficiency Boost

Fast & error-free integrations