SAP Round Table 3 | Keep SAP Core clean through Side-by-side extension powered by BTP

How Side by Side extensions ensure 100 adoption and efficiency | Crave Infotech

We bring you our Round Table series, packed with high-learnings, direct impact, and masterful applications delivered through engaging discussions involving key industry leaders along with SAP and Crave panelists.


The 3rd Round Table in this successful series is focused on ‘Keeping SAP core clean’ with ‘Side-by-Side extensions’ powered by SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP).


This session follows two successful round table sessions on (1) Intelligent Enterprise Platforming, and (2) Process Automation with SAP BTP.


The roundtable series is focused on unraveling deep insights around intelligent enterprises, side-by-side extensions, automation, etc. leveraging the extent of SAP BTP. The ensuing consensus would lead to improved solution-enablement.


Attendees would learn about the SAP S/4 HANA extensibility framework, in-app and side-by-side. Through the panel discussion, attendees would also learn about the optimal extensibility approach in respective scenarios.

Our SAP BTP Round Table Speakers

Harish Subramanian, IT Director, Enterprise Systems, Domino’s Pizza at SAP Sapphire 2022

Harish Subramanian

IT Director, Domino’s Pizza Inc.

MicrosoftTeams image 30 | Crave Infotech

Martin Grasshoff

SAP BTP Expert Customer Office

MicrosoftTeams image 65 | Crave Infotech

Joffy Mathew

Sr. Director – Platform & Technology CoE

Crave InfoTech Panelists

Shrikant Nistane | Crave Infotech

Shrikant Nistane

Digital Transformation Architect

Patrick Willete | Crave Infotech

Patrick Willette

Director US Sales

Ashwin Katkar | Crave Infotech

Ashwin Katkar

SAP Solution Architect – SAP BTP

Manish Mishram | Crave Infotech

Manish Mishram

SAP Solution Architect – SAP BTP

MicrosoftTeams image 29 | Crave Infotech

Shiromani Soni

SAP Solution Architect – SAP BTP

Agenda | Looking to SAP BTP Side-by-Side Extensions Roundtable

How to boost efficiencies with side-by-side extensions with BTP and keep the SAP core clean

Context: Enterprises always look to improve upon their processes and operations with extensions that channel their industry particulars and core competencies; and induces high adoption among users and be cost-optimized.

The 3rd Round Table in our series will discuss the best approaches to deliver on this promise using in-app and side-by-side extensions using SAP BTP, backed by successful use-cases and learnings.

Account Executives would witness the exact business metrics that highlight enterprise value and encapsulate the brand-goal of SAP – turning enteprirses into best-run versions of themselves.

In the 3rd session of SAP BTP Roundtable series, we will see how we can extend the intelligence and optimization possibilities with side-by-side extensions while keeping the core clean!

We will cover the following topics in our SAP BTP + Side-by-Side extensions roundtable

Zero-error data capture with the Internet of Things

How SAP BTP’s extensibility enables enterprise efficiency, adoption, and cost-optimization

  • SAP S4/HANA Extensibility Framework
    • In-App Extensibility
    • Side-By-Side Extensibility
  • ‘Extensibility Service’ on SAP BTP
  • How to get started?
  • How to choose the optimal extensibility scenario?
  • Succesful use-cases for Side-by-side extensions

SAP BTP Side-by-side extension benefits with Crave InfoTech

100% Digitization

Clean Core & Fast Deployment

3x-5x user adoption

Smart Workflows

35%+ Efficiency Boost

Full integrability & extensibility