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Boost the Warehouse efficiency, productivity, and reduce manpower cost with Intelligent Warehouse

In this webinar:

  • How do you ensure total warehouse automation with Intelligent Warehouse Management?
  • The common challenges and bottlenecks faced while enabling an intelligent enterprise system
  • The challenges and solution with approaching a seemingly complex intelligent platform for your very specific use-case
  • How to overcome these challenges with the right enablement partner
  • RFID and Barcode Enablement
  • How to enable an intelligent warehouse with bar-coding and RFID?
  • How do RF-enabled mobile applications increase ROI up to 50%?
  • Next-generation warehousing through Forklift Integration, Indoor Mapping, and Geofencing.


Muralidharan Remane – Director, Sales and Operations, Crave InfoTech

Milind Chaudhari – Director, Enterprise Application, Crave InfoTech