#MarkYourCalendar: Meet Crave InfoTech at SAP Manufacturing Info Days 2023

Know how Industry 4.0, manufacturing automation, predictive maintenance, enterprise mobility, and tech innovations can help maximize your production in terms of quantity and quality. All this with perfect compliance, total process visibility, instant & actionable insights at your fingertips, and full scalability. Did we mention low cost, fast value realization, and easy adoption rates?

This and more would be covered when you meet Crave InfoTech at SAP Manufacturing Info Days 2023 on the 7th and 8th of February.

SAP Experience Center, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania | 6th and 7th Feb, 2023

How SAP BTP can improve Manufacturing efficiency

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) offers the necessary platform intelligence and manageability to ensure zero lag and lightning-fast analytics with 100% availability no matter the fluctuations and scale of usage.

Also, SAP Build Process Automation serves the full potential of process optimization through smart Workflows and intuitive UI/UX. 

Crave InfoTech is a trusted and reputed SAP BTP enabler with extensive success stories with SAP Build Process Automation.

Our manufacturing products offer complete facility management solutions and full mobility using industry-leading software and hardware.

A workwoman performing maintenance
Industry 4.0 concept .Industry graphic sign and blue tone of automate wireless Robot arm in smart factory background. Double exposure , flare light

What Crave InfoTech brings to SAP Manufacturing Info Days 2023

Crave InfoTech is bringing manufacturing solutions backed by validations, innovation, Industry 4.0-led apps, and RF-enabled devices. It’s the complete solution – 100% digital, direct scan-to-system, portable label printing, actionable insights for on-hand analytics, smart Workflows for asset and industry-specific processes, and more.

We have full-scale and ready-to-deploy smart factory products that automate maintenance, calibration, and compliance. You can be from Pharma or Life Sciences, Steel and Metal, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy, and Gas – you can find your complete manufacturing solutions with Crave InfoTech.

SAP BTP intelligence + Crave InfoTech’s industry expertise + Full mobility with smart RF-enabled devices > at SAP Manufacturing Info Days 2023.

If you visiting, then lets catch-up!