Improving End-to-End Procure (or Source)-to-Pay Process

Procure-to-Pay or Source-to-Pay is a core process for all businesses. Even while ordering a pizza online, you would evaluate vendors (makers) to match their quote and qualities with your expectations; place the order and validate the delivery on receipt.

It’s crucial to view the entire procure/source-to-pay process as a whole to understand the moving wheels or transactions within the process.

Without end-to-end visibility, control, and accountability – the sourcing wouldn’t be smooth, in turn necessitating higher time and resource usage with repeated tasks and delaying supply chain or credit processes.

We don’t want that, do we? That’s why Crave’s the way for End-to-End Procure to Pay (P2P). process optimization. That’s where all wheels move well-oiled and you can control/track anything, anytime, anywhere.

Standard but unoptimized P2P process

Procure to Pay

Delays with each escalation/approval take more time and resources.

Prone to errors resulting in delays in validation/rejection of PR.

Longer invoice clearance time and credit cycle for vendors.

Possible delays in sourcing leading to production or operational delays.

Reduce complexities while improving end-to-end Procure-to-Pay process visibility and control with Crave InfoTech 

Procure to Pay

Zero-errors: Auto-fill all master data with a single click.
Create a perfect PR within minutes.

Instant notification for approver. Instantly approve/disapprove PR with reason in one click.

Complete vendor connect platform with streamlined order processing and invoice creation.

Seamless 3-way invoice, PO, and GR validation for faster clearances and zero hassles.

Easily create Purchase Requisitions (PR) in an instant 

Don’t fret over finding the relevant codes for each line item, material group, purchase group, etc. 

Just select a product to auto-fill all relevant master data in a simplified guided PR creation Workflow. 

Simplified step-by-step PR creation 

Crave helps you follow the business-logic to create a perfect PR in a few clicks. Select from a simple and truncated (only relevant options) dropdown menu. 

Get instant updates about PR status through the process 

The requester gets instant updates about each stage of the process; and can track it through approval, ordering, receiving, and payments. 

automationp2p | Crave Infotech
one click approval | Crave Infotech

Simple one-click approval or rejection of purchase requisition 

PR is auto-sent to the approver/approvers as per the line of authority preset into the system. The approver gets notified and can approve/reject the request in one click. 

On-the-go approvals with full enterprise mobility 

Approvers can access all the active and processed requests in a simple dashboard, from anywhere – even a smartphone. The approvals are faster with error-free validations. 

Add remarks for rejections for faster resubmissions 

Approvers can add simple remarks or reasons for rejections on the same screen. The filler (requisitioner) will be notified to make the necessary fixes. 

Create precise Purchase Orders (PO) in a few clicks

Crave InfoTech’s end-to-end procure-to-pay process optimization ensures that the purchase orders are created in a few simple clicks taking the approver through a guided process. The RFP and RFQ process, if the vendors aren’t registered, is again simple and guided – taking references from the purchase order for auto-filling the required fields. 

 With registered and approved vendors (preferred), the system can also initiate auto-ordering to save time (instantly on creating PO). 

Streamlined and fully-integrated vendor portal 

 The vendors are instantly updated with the purchase orders and can view them in a simple dashboard. They can manage all purchase orders and track the process on-the-go. 

Simple order processing and goods release 

The expected delivery dates and locations can be pulled from the system for easy processing and goods issues (released by the vendor) with relevant documentation (bill of lading, air waybill, etc.) 

Vendors can create invoices and post them from the same system 

On receiving the updates about successful goods receipt posting, the vendor can release the invoice – created within the system. 

It’s all within the same overarching procure-to-pay process. 

vendor portal | Crave Infotech
EPOD 24 | Crave Infotech

Complete goods verification and 3-way invoice matching/checking 

The goods are received and processed within the warehouse. The process is streamlined and synced, starting from scanning of documents at the gate to the final invoice approvals. 

Parking of documents until goods’ physical verification | Posting Goods Receipt 

The relevant goods are physically verified and the associated documents are parked in the system waiting goods check. Complete or incomplete deliveries and adjusted within the Goods Receipt, and posted. 

3-way matching of invoice, purchase order, and goods receipt 

The system pulls the submitted invoice and matches it across the initial purchase order and the final goods receipt. This process is automated to ensure zero-errors. 

The resulting clearances are taken up and processed by the accounts department. 

Crave InfoTech’s End-to-End Procure-to-Pay process optimization | Benefits

Faster and error-free processing

Complete end-to-end visibility and control

Streamlined and guided procurement

One system for all PR to PO to GR to Clearance processing

Leveraging SAP AI to boost all automation and Workflows

Secure user access with proper view hierarchies