End-to-end Order-to-Cash process streamlining

Crave helps bridge the visibility, control, and optimization gap within the end-to-end Order-to-Cash process. You don’t have to worry about unknown and unaccounted delays in sales order processing, untracked warehouse processes, and unverified deliveries.

It comes down to the lead time from sales request, sales order creation, warehouse picking-packing-loading-dispatch, truck movement, and on to the final delivery. The quality of the constituent processes dictates if the end-consumer would be satisfied.

Optimizing and improving the end-to-end process will help cut down delivery timelines, cut down on operational and resource costs, and smoothen the credit/payment cycles. The entire supply chain, and final consumer satisfaction, depend on the healthy functioning of the Order-to-Cash process.

That’s exactly what Crave InfoTech offers – end-to-end Order-to-Cash process optimization.

End-to-end Order-to-Cash process streamlining

Make your Order-to-Cash process fully streamlined, synchronized, accurate, tracked, and optimized

Know the full story of the sales order as it moves from requests through to picking, loading, dispatch, delivery, and payment.

Complete visibility over the entire process with regular and timely updates about each stage for all stakeholders.

Crave InfoTech’s expertise with RF-enablement and warehouse optimization further streamlines the full process.

Leverage SAP AI with on-hand insights and suggestions to better handle inventory and cut down on lead times.

Simplified and guided sales order creation

Crave’s range of solutions and push for end-to-end process efficiency helps users easily create sales orders or process approvals in a guided and easy manner.

Easy-to-adopt with streamlined processing

The system auto-pulls requests and eases the creation of sales orders to make it easy to adopt for even unaccustomed users.

On-the-go sales order approvals | No delays

The approver receives the sales order within their Crave app or desktop/laptop. There’s minimal chance of missed orders as each order is highlighted in notifications.

The approver can approve/reject it from anywhere, anytime.

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Easy picking and packing with handheld scanners

It’s easy to assign tasks from anywhere to the required picker. The picker can see the task associated with the sales order in their app. Then, it’s just a matter of simply scan-and-pick.

Crave guides you to the right bin and right item

Trouble finding the items in the order? Just click on ‘find’ on the handheld. The piece would guide you to the exact location in moments.

Scan-and-pick in seconds | Cut down on time and efforts

Swipe the scanner on the bin to find the item. All direct scans, made simple by Crave’s RFID, barcode, and QR-code enablement, pull in all required item info to match with the sales order.

Now truck loading is easy and with proper movement tracking

Just scan-and-load! It’s easy for any new or experienced worker. The manager can track the movement of items from bin to staging area and then through loading, with regular updates.

Works online or offline with live or delayed syncs

Don’t worry about the coverage within the vast warehouse. Crave InfoTech’s apps work equally well, whether online or offline.

Confirm item loading and track truck movement

Crave offers truly end-to-end visibility. Auto-acknowledge proper loading and dispatch within the system. Then track truck movement with Crave.

The receiver and dispatcher are updated for any delays or holdups instantly

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EPOD 24 | Crave Infotech

Say no to confusion and yes to Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD)

Gone are the days of delayed delivery receipts and unsubstantiated quality claims. Use Crave to capture the state of the delivery with easy one-click image capture and e-signatures (e-sign) from the receiver.

Easy validation for complete, incomplete, or damaged goods

All delivery reports are instant and validated at the point of delivery with visual proof. This makes it easy to mark complete, incomplete, or damaged goods/items at delivery.

Zero-discrepancy EPOD for post-delivery claims and invoices

Accurate delivery state capturing, with Crave, helps streamline the next process of invoicing and payment. All claims can be clearly cross-verified with visual proofs.

Get end-to-end Order-to-Cash process optimization

Build on the (Crave-enabled) precise data capture and validation along the Order-to-Cash process. Know the exact status of items at the picking, packing, loading, dispatch, and delivery stages.

Comply with all service-level agreements of timelines and quality with digital proof.

Easy invoice creation and processing for faster payments

Crave InfoTech helps companies create invoices, backed by EPOD-led validation, easily. It’s all guided and streamlined with auto-filled details.

Receivers can view the validated invoices within their own dashboard.

The entire credit management and payment processes are hence smoothened and simplified.

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Crave InfoTech’s End-to-End Procure-to-Pay process optimization | Benefits

Complete end-to-end item/truck movement visibility

Easy task assignment, approvals, and status checking

Streamlined and guided Workflows for key processes

Fast scan-and-pick with RF-enablement and smart scanners

Saves on operational and process time/resources

Fast credit/invoice processing with accurate EPOD