Real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize end-to-end processes

Get the best of SAP AI with flawless Crave InfoTech-enabled integrations, smart Workflows woven with real-world business logic, and precise Generative AI-driven business processing models to solve on-ground scenarios within predictive asset maintenance, freight cost prediction, and inventory prediction. 

All insights and reports at your fingertips, summoned by just simple queries directed to the system. Want the exact North American sales trends going into the year-end holidays? Just ask for the same and get them instantly. It leverages SAP’s sophisticated neural engine, powered by top-tier natural language processing, generative AI, and machine learning.

Everything culminates into a seamless experience for effective decision-making and end-to-end process optimization – without the need for any coding or core technical know-how.

AI in End to End Automation | Crave Infotech

Why do you need Crave Enabled SAP AI?

Precision with zero-latency

Get instant and exact insights + data, right on your screen, for each query - with zero latency or context-loss

Exact cost prediction with insights

Leverage Crave-enabled AI to get predictions for freight movement (costs) and held inventory suggestions

Smart AI-models built with business logic

Crave InfoTech has created smart AI-models built on real-world business logic to enhance the fitment of predictions

100% inherent compliance infused

SAP AI is inherently linked with the core compliance standards and practices of SAP – resulting in 100% compliant responses

Freight modification and cost prediction for an efficient supply chain

Utilizing a rich dataset, including commodity shipment data and various logistical parameters, Crave InfoTech’s smart AI model analyzes factors like shipment mode, delivery dates, and geographical distribution to predict freight costs effectively.

Spatial Awareness with GIS Integration | Crave Infotech
delivery man utilizing ai tools their daily tasks | Crave Infotech

Improve supply chain efficiency and profits with Crave’s freight modification AI

By predicting freight costs with precision, businesses can significantly reduce shipping expenses. Offering accurate and competitive shipping rates can set your business ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, accurate freight cost predictions enable realistic budgeting and planning.

Sustainable and future-proof freight management with AI

Crave’s AI model, powered by SAP BTP, can undertake real-time or near-real-time freight modification and prediction tasks.

This would help better direct their freight spending with the foreknowledge of vendor performance, sustainability practices, and on-time delivery consistency.

All-in-all, it would give you the tools to make future-ready or proof freight decisions with minimal risk.

Meeting Sustainability Ambitions with Generative AI

Crave InfoTech AI-models can use ‘sound’ to diagnose asset/machine faults

Crave InfoTech proposes a shift towards predictive maintenance, utilizing advanced sound data analysis to distinguish between normal and abnormal machine operations. This AI-model forecasts potential issues using spectrograms to visualize sound info and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to process info into predictions and timely notifications.

It’s simple, these AI-models can predict, just by the sound the machine makes, any minor deviation from normal conditions and the likelihood (and nature) of the potential problem.

Saves time | Cuts costs and downtime | Increases efficiency |
Finds patterns in oft-occurring faults to indicate overall process improvements

Business Benefits |Crave InfoTech’s AI-powered End-to-End Process Optimization

Easy-to-understand with no-coding knowledge needed

Accurate predictions based on real-world data

Smart AI with real-time or near-real-time predictions

Save time and cost | Boost efficiency and accountability

Future-proof with freight and inventory predictions

Streamline end-to-end processes with AI models

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