End-to-End Processes | Gain full SAP benefits unlocked by Crave InfoTech

What’s the way to attain inner peace for the enterprise? This would only come when there’s full confidence in core end-to-end processes! 

Get full visibility and control across end-to-end processes…
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… so that each creator, approver, supplier, and validator follow simplistic guided processes…
… and streamline mission-critical business flows like Procure-to-Pay or Order-to-Cash…
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… to become more intuitive, efficient, and future-ready with easy visual reporting and analytics.

Power of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) sharpened with SAP Artificial Intelligence (SAP AI)

If you were concerned with bottlenecks and blind spots within your core business processes, then look no further than SAP’s intelligent suite of solutions headlined by SAP BTP. No longer would the in-process users like purchase order creators fumble over choosing the right category and catalog or streamline requirements for suppliers and process/validate invoices and receipts. 

SAP’s vision, enabled by Crave InfoTech…

…is the culmination of decades of process evolution, digitization, industry-specific intelligence, and Industry 4.0-led automation.

Now, sit comfortably on the mountain of SAP achievements with the best SAP AI tools to conveniently streamline all end-to-end processes and chisel (or pull) out real-time insights.

Predictive inventory/freight insights

Use SAP AI to manage supply/demand vagaries with smart in-time strategy suggestions.

Create smart workflows and business logic

Leverage SAP and Crave to ingrain business logic and smooth process flows for all users.

On-the-go approvals and goods/delivery validation

Complete control over invoice/goods/delivery validation for streamlined accounts handling.

Instant analytics visualization with SAP AI

Just ask (write) to know, with no coding requirements – instant accurate answers and solutions.

Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) works best with SAP and Crave InfoTech

Fact 1: SAP is a stalwart for enterprise solutions, and has been for decades. 

Fact 2: AI works best with guided standards and practices that reinforce learning and intelligence. 

SAP’s dominance with superior standardization and industry intelligence woven into each stage of every process – makes the AI overlay far more accurate, relevant, and accountable than any other direct solution. 


It’s simple – AI results with SAP’s proven controlled end-to-end processes, and Crave’s faultless business-logic enablement, are more bankable and credible. Don’t worry about AI hallucinations or tiring. SAP AI trained on pertinent company and market realities, suggesting accurate and validated insights, predictions, and assistances

Perfect business-logic enablement

Reflect real-world business logic in process workflows for seamless adoption and faster handling.

Faultless integrations as qualified sources

Leverage streamlined data sanity across integrations for synced visualization and processing.

Improved results for predictive analytics

Get smarter apps and flows with industry intelligence to further enhance predictive precision

Fast-enablement and lower TCO

Realize benefits of SAP AI capabilities at lower TCO and. in quick time with enterprise-wide adoption.

Real-world AI benefits for core end-to-end processes

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flow2 | Crave Infotech
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End-to-end Procure-to-Pay optimization

Take great strides into end-to-end process-to-pay optimization, reinforcing ‘end-to-end’ abilities like… 

  • full visibility and control over each aspect of the process, 
  • streamlined and guided approach for easy-adoption and fast-processing, 
  • one-click approvals and validation, 
  • and complete and instant process-wide syncing to… 
    • hasten accurate invoicing, 
    • cut-down lead times, 
    • leverage SAP AI for process automation, 
    • instant streamlining of all incoming invoices, air waybills, etc. into standardized formats and auto-updating the system,  
    • and get instant and on-hand insights
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Complete and end-to-end Order-to-Cash process optimization

Screen1 | Crave Infotech

Crave InfoTech helps you master the end-to-end Order-to-Cash process with optimization and automation for each stage, moving from sales order creation to warehouse optimization, through to EPOD, and payments. 

  • End-to-end visibility and control over the order-to-cash process with secure-access dashboards (interfaces) for each stakeholder 
  • Smart and intuitive Workflows for all users to make the process easy-to-adopt even for fresh eyes 
  • Auto-fill and guided creation for sales requests and orders to make the process simple, fast, and error-free 
  • Easy one-click approvals that can be done from anywhere, even from a handheld device, ensuring minimal delays 
  • Complete automation and optimization of all warehouse activities 
  • Easy in-app guided workflows for finding the item, picking, packing, loading, truck tracking, and EPOD 
  • Easily create and process invoices with validated EPOD and zero-error

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