Top life science company boosts efficiency with intelligent asset management

Case Studies
Life Science
Client scale:
$189 billion in revenue (FY2021)
cMaintenance and cCalibration
3 months
Solution partner:
Cost reduction:
20%+ cost reduction
Top benefits:
Total regulatory compliance and 100% process control
30%+ operational and asset efficiency boost

The client is a respected and fast-scaling integrated pharmaceutical enterprise. They have banked on their innovation and research to drive their business across geographies.

Industry ideas and winnings

“Having started as an automation journey in SAP, Implementation of EAM and mobile application has been a very beneficial initiative for us. Apart from improving productivity and the efficiency of engineers by a great degree, it has increased compliance and authenticity with audit trails apart from helping make informed decisions. The experience has made us excited to invest in the digitization of remaining processes on mobile”

VP, Engineering GMO for the Client
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