Why does modern software need to protect the core? The answer is balance-striking the right chord between specific customization needs and an agile, efficient, scalable core system.

Scalability is a critical challenge for today’s enterprises grappling with modern SaaS demands. The “core clean” approach offers a flexible solution, standardizing the core while situating customizations at the periphery. This strategy not only streamlines systems but also helps differentiate essential operations from unique innovations, reducing data redundancy, integrity issues, and operational inefficiencies. Identifying your business’s ‘core’ and ‘differentiators’ can be complex. It requires a methodical assessment of all functions. 

At Crave InfoTech, our ‘Keep Core Clean’ assessment identifies and categorizes the complexities of your business processes into different T-shirt sizes, making it easier to understand and manage. We develop a customized roadmap that enhances core processes and smartly manages customizations—giving your businesses the best of both worlds—operational efficiency and innovation—without the downsides of clutter and inefficiency. 

Business Benefits

Innovation at Scale

Reduced Complexity

Enhanced Agility

Simplified & Improved user Experience

Scaling for the Future 

Scalability is crucial for enterprises aiming to expand. The key strategy is to keep a clean core: move applications to the cloud, reduce complexity, and create modular, interchangeable components for greater flexibility. 

Customizing Beyond the Core 

The idea is simple Keep your ERP system’s core untouched for agility and innovation. Any customizations should be built outside the core system, which makes maintaining S/4HANA updates simpler.

But What about Managing Customizations? 

When implementing customizations, they should be developed as standalone components that integrate with the core via a modern cloud platform, using stable, standard APIs. The SAP Cloud Platform is ideal for these developments. 

Keep Core Clean Assessment

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Crave InfoTech’s Step by Step Approach for Maintaining Clean Core

Keep Core Clean Assessment

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Assessing your current architectural framework.

Exploring your strategic direction and future aspirations.

Identifying obstacles that could impede your progress towards your objectives.

Mapping out your organization’s structure, including roles, teams, ownership, and key stakeholders.

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