Assess your Enterprise Security Posture, Eliminate Blind Spots, and Diffuse Threats in Time

Align your enterprise security strategy with effective risk mitigation and adaptability. Crave InfoTech’s Security Assessment provides a 360° view of your application risks. We integrate identity and access security to enable proactive threat management. Our detailed security assessments cover both SAP and non-SAP applications, ensuring a robust and secure enterprise environment. Achieve and maintain governance and compliance with industry standards while addressing critical aspects of application security, including Authorizations, Identity and Access Management, Access Governance, and Compliance. 

Business Benefits

Enterprise security assessment and analysis

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Breach and compromise assessments

Application Security Assessment

Penetration Testing

Gain actionable recommendations to improve security with full-scale evaluation 

Security starts with a thorough understanding of your risks and vulnerabilities. Implementing cybersecurity measures without proper knowledge or testing weakens your security framework. Crave InfoTech’s BTP Security Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation, including technology, environmental, and human factors. Our services cover Authorizations, Identity and Access Management, Access Governance, and Compliance, ensuring a robust security and compliance posture. 


Leverage Full-visibility for Iron-clad Security Management 

Managing security in a complex SAP BTP environment is challenging due to diverse components and integrations. Many organizations struggle with limited visibility into their SAP BTP environment which makes timely threat detection and response even more difficult. Crave’s advisory services deliver a complete view of your enterprise security posture, identifying vulnerabilities and risks that might otherwise be overlooked. Our security assessment simplifies this process by consolidating data from various sources and offering actionable insights, making security management more efficient. 

But What about Industry Compliance?  

Keeping up with regulatory requirements can be overwhelming. Crave’s assessment automates compliance checks and generates essential reports, ensuring your organization stays compliant with standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS/PCI SSF, GDPR, and NYDFS. Our team offers remediation guidance to manage compliance risks. We address compliance gaps by designing compliant network architectures, migrating to compliant cloud environments, and implementing data encryption mechanisms. 


Addressing Critical Security Concerns in the Dynamic and Complex Environment

Data Protection Weaknesses

Strengthen measures to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access

Inefficient Threat Detection

Enhance capabilities to detect and respond to security threats promptly

Compliance Gaps

Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements

Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Identify and address vulnerabilities to prevent potential breaches

Outdated Security Policies

Ensure all security policies are current and effective

Inadequate Monitoring

Track and analyse privileged user activity with enhanced security and compliance measures.

Crave InfoTech's Step-by-Step Approach for BTP Security Assessment

Enterprise Security Assessment

Schedule a BTP Security Assessment & Advisory Session

Complete view of vulnerabilities

Assessing your current architectural framework

Enhanced Security

Significantly reduce vulnerabilities and enhance overall security posture.

Complacence Risk Analysis

Improved threat detection and response capabilities

Proactive Threat Management

Get In-depth analysis, including security testing with comprehensive risk-based approach

Operational Efficiency

comprehensive vulnerability report, and prioritized remediation steps for streamlined security operations

Peace of Mind

Gain confidence knowing your SAP environment is secure and resilient

Ready to Know & Grow Your Security Posture?

Gain actionable recommendations to improve security, using industry best practices & the best technology available.