Right person for the right job. It isn’t always a given that there’ll be Parag Agarwal to take over from Jack Dorsey as Twitter’s CEO. One must invest time and resources in sourcing, screening, recruiting, and retaining the ideal person with the perfect role fitment.

Bring in Crave InfoTech with its market-honed staff augmentation services. Now, you may ask how a fast-growing ERP enablement company is suited to ensure seamless staff augmentation? Let’s raise another question over this?

Solving the main staff augmentation issues with Crave InfoTech

Have you found it difficult to train the recruiting team with the tech-role specifics? It happens too often that the recruitment professional has a gap in understanding the exact requirements. Due to this gap, it becomes an issue for them to create accurate communication and campaign to attract prime candidates.

Even when the communication is accurate, there’s a lot to be desired from the actual recruitment process. If the recruiters don’t understand the specs, they won’t be able to convince the candidates about the role.

That’s the key benefit of a company like Crave InfoTech, leading in ERP enablement themselves, where they ‘know’ the role first hand and hence can communicate not just the requirements, but also the attraction points to convert the best candidate, with a win-win deal for all parties.

End-to-End staff augmentation for ‘people-centric’ solutions

Recruiting services aren’t plug and play. It’s a collaboration. However, Crave’s staff augmentation comes closest to plug-and-play services within the tech industry.

There are project-based or long-term requirements within enterprises, wherein the role-filling and commencement must be quick. Failing this, many projects either have delayed starts or go into the hands of ill-equipped personnel. This results in high costs of opportunity and resources.

Crave offers market-primed staff augmentation services, which your enterprise can deploy quickly and benefit persistently. There are multiple solution-sets that help you effectively scale your personnel up or down (project-oriented) as required, at optimal costs and faster turnarounds.

Staff recruitment flow | Crave Infotech

People, Processes, and Tech – The only PPT you need to succeed

A smart person named Michael Scott, in ‘The Office’, once said, “People, Ryan. And people will never go out of business”. The idea is simple, business is about generating value for future exchange. People utilize processes and tech to generate this value. This ‘People’ aspect of the PPT is unique and often the ‘lynchpin’.

The right people, with proper training and onboarding, can get the best out of processes and tech, delivering better, faster, and repeatable value over time. A business can truly fly high when the right person is debugging a hyperlocal food delivery app, or a systems engineer is ensuring that the platform and infrastructure are always running in their prime form.

There’s always the risk of oversight and errors, but this risk can be mitigated with the right people and the right skill-sets at the right time, at the right place, and utilized in the right way.

What’s the future with staff augmentation?

We are living in uncertain times. It’s important to look for consistency and continuity wherever possible. We all have seen high attrition and unemployment in the United States, and around the world. The pandemic saw many companies downsizing and many employees leaving their posts.

A report from August 2021, by PricewaterhouseCoopers, saw 65% of the employed public actively hunting for a job switch. Another report suggests that 25% of the workforce actually quit their jobs between Jan and Aug 2021. About 88% of the executives agree that they are seeing a higher turnover than before.

There’s a lot of flux in the market. Staff augmentation has become the perfect solution to this problem. In the next 2-3 years, with the (overused term) ‘new normal’ – Staff augmentation would be key to not just acquiring the right talent quickly, but also retaining the overall knowledge base within the organization despite possible attritions.

Staff augmentation is fast becoming the preferred alternative for business and project continuity. And, with it, you need a tech-first company like Crave InfoTech handling your staff augmentation for targeted and lasting results.

We can have long conversations about the best employee experience (EX) culminating in industry-leading customer experience (CX), but we can leave that for later. For now, let’s connect and talk it over.

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