“Windows Phone is officially the past, Microsoft recommends to switch to Android or iOS devices”.

Windows Phone devices will no longer receive security on December 10 of this year. Though third party apps may continue supporting Windows Apps, Microsoft will no longer support the platform. These users will not receive any more security patches fixes, software/firmware updates, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates. Many popular apps have also ended support for Windows versions.

Plus, 3G phase out has already begun – leaving businesses unsupported or even disconnected with equipment they have used for years. In January 2019, Microsoft announced that Windows Mobile will reach end of life on December 2019.

What does this mean for your existing Windows Mobile / 3G enterprise mobile apps?
• Businesses running older hardware with these legacy operating systems will be left unsupported.
• No Windows security updates, increasing the chance for a data breach or security issue.
• No technical support. Software bugs, cracked screens, and batteries won’t be replaced.
• Unfriendly user-experience; sluggish equipment due to lack of updates.
• Dropped calls, spotty coverage, or no access to data as older 2G/3G networks retire by end of 2019.
Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and in pretty much in every few weeks there’s a new software update or new feature available. Better technology means better devices and faster response time. And, currently, Android continues to come out on top consistently.

Why 4G LTE is better?
• Easy app redevelopment and migration from Windows
• Familiar Android OS with shorter training requirements
• Greater network coverage
• 10x faster data streaming
• Shorter latency times
• Simultaneous voice and data
• Crisper, clearer voice quality on VoLTE
• Continuation of service via SIM card
• Over-the-air updates and security upgrades

Upgrading to 4G LTE with Zebra’s Enterprise Android Devices
We’re recommending our customers take the opportunity to address both the 3G and Windows mobile phase-outs by upgrading to enterprise 4G LTE Android devices, such as those from Zebra Technologies.
We recommend Zebra’s enterprise Android devices for multiple reasons. These include the transformative benefits of 4G networking, Zebra’s superior device capabilities and performance, and the simplicity of device management and device security.

Benefits of Migrating to Zebra Android Devices
• Sleek, rugged devices built for enterprise use
• The latest productivity-boosting capabilities
• Modern touch screens with user-friendly interfaces
• Rapid-fire processors and intelligent scanners
• Powerful enterprise security with Zebra device management
• Over-the-air updates and security upgrades
• Easy app redevelopment and migration from Windows
• Familiar Android OS with shorter training requirements
• Choice of touch computers, smartphones, or tablets

These devices are designed to combine enterprise computing power and Android ease of use with ultra-fast and reliable 4G LTE networking to deliver voice, data, scanning and application performance that revolutionizes worker productivity and efficiency. Consumer grade devices just don’t stand up to the daily work environment nor efficiency of operations required by today’s businesses

Looking for Operating System or Network Migration Support?
To learn more about these 4G enabled Zebra devices and help you develop the right 3G and OS migration plan for your business, contact us.

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