What is SAP Build? It’s a solution built on the intelligence of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) wherein a company can: 

  • build enterprise-grade apps with low-code to no-code development, 
  • create smart process automation Workflows with SAP Build Process Automation, 
  • and structure fruitful and clear collaboration between business experts and developers (through a single solution interface). 

What challenges does SAP Build overcome for a company?

Before jumping into the benefits of SAP Build let’s just check the challenges that it overcomes. 

Suppose, your company produces life science or pharmaceutical products. Your core competency lies in R&D, new drug discovery, production, and perhaps distribution. All departments must work seamlessly within their layers and collaborate effectively with their connected departments. Essentially, it’s seamless and instant horizontal and vertical communication/collaboration. 

What can impede this? Silos of information being created within departments that have a lag in (info) transference to other relevant departments. In other words, it means that there is a lack of process automation and visibility within the company. This can lead to longer production time, and lower uptime for assets – hence, higher costs, data discrepancy, quality compromise, and risk of noncompliance. 

Companies need to create apps and process automation to overcome these challenges (leverage tech and IoT). But how do they do it if their core competencies don’t lie in app dev and automation? 

Cue in – SAP Build. SAP Build makes it easy to create such automation and apps with the need for developer expertise. For enterprise-grade and interoperable apps, companies can also choose to partner with experts like Crave InfoTech. 

Crave InfoTech is an SAP partner with successful enterprise solutions implementations around the globe for multiple big names in the industry. We also have helped further streamline the benefits of SAP Build for easy app dev, website building, process automation, and work collaborations. 

Let’s try to simplify all this in a single line. 

SAP Build helps you improve process efficiency, accuracy, automation, and compliance with tools that anyone can use with low-code/no-code requirements. 

SAP Build Process Automation | Benefits of SAP Build

Let’s say you know the business logic of your various processes in detail. However, you don’t know how to communicate your ideas to the developers to effectively translate that into Workflow (process flow). Many times, it just turns into countless iterations of to-and-fro checks and corrections. 

SAP Build Process Automation, now, makes it easy for you to create the Workflow (with Little to No requirement of tech expertise). Just drag and drop elements to create the process automation Workflow that best reflects your business logic. 

Collaborating securely | Business experts and developers on the same platform

Ever spoken to developers and feel they are speaking an altogether different language? It’s sometimes difficult for people with divergent skill sets to communicate effectively in a streamlined project. This leads to miscommunication and delays. 

SAP Build now brings business experts and developers on the same solution platform with clear and collaborative communication lines. This means that the business experts can create a structure or flow in SAP Build using a simple drag-and-drop mechanism. This simple and clear Workflow depiction helps developers get on the same wavelength for subsequent app dev. 

The collaborative nature of SAP Build also ensures that all stakeholders can track the project progress in real-time and give timely feedback for improvements or directional corrections. This improves the overall quality of the final work and saves time. 

Low code no code

Low-code/No-code app dev | Benefits of SAP Build

Well, what if you don’t have a strong team of developers to translate the process flows into apps? It’s simple. App dev in SAP Build is very easy. Almost anyone can build an app without the need for a developer. 

SAP Build lets you create an app with low-coding or no-coding requirements. Don’t worry about the system language, just focus on your business language. Drag and drop elements in your apps to create a process flow from login to task execution. The interface elements are simple and easily manageable. 

You can create multiple apps using SAP Build’s app and Workflow templates. There are countless pre-built templates that would directly into your app and help you structure a cohesive, comprehensive, and complete enterprise-grade app for your company. 

And it’s a boon for the developers too. SAP Build simplifies the grunt work for them and helps them focus on the execution of business logic most intuitively and efficiently. 

SAP Build Work Zone | Benefits of SAP Build

You can do more than Workflow and apps. If you want to create dashboards for specific needs, you can do that with SAP Build. If you want specific websites for job processing and reporting or just want to create a business website to attract customers – SAP Build has everything you need. 

SAP Build Work Zone helps you build detailed website interfaces with good-looking and smart user interfaces and user experiences. 

You can create distinct cards and widgets for your dashboard. If you are a facility manager and want to keep a track of the uptime of all your assets along with the task completion rates from the shop floor, you can simply create a ‘card’ for your dashboard that pulls in the real-time info that you require and presents in the way you want. This helps you check on live updates of the exact KPIs you want to track. 

It’s not just tracking. You can create websites with widgets that help you assign and execute the tasks at hand. 

You can also use these cards and widgets to automate the creation of reports. The system would auto-generate a timely report (as prescribed by you) with the exact parameters you want to measure, and send it to all relevant stakeholders. 

All this is done with simple drag-and-drop efficiency with low-code or no-code requirements. 

Crave InfoTech
  • SAP Build is designed to make your life easy and your work more efficient. Crave InfoTech’s industry and SAP expertise put us as a first-choice partner that can guide you through SAP BTP and SAP Build for maximum benefits. 
  • And if you’re looking to maximize with SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Work Zone for adding operational automation, robotic process automation (RPA)-led process optimization, Conversational AI-based streamlining (chatbots), and Workflows that follow business logic in your business language – then Crave InfoTech is the right partner for you. You’ll end up saving valuable time and resources while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). 
  • We have Enterprise-grade and market-ready apps that can extend your SAP BTP with the required solutions that encompass all your needs and expectations. Just check in here to know more. 

At Crave InfoTech, we possess the expertise and products necessary to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals. Our products are specifically designed to help businesses enhance their operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth. By leveraging BTP and Crave InfoTech products, businesses can unlock their full potential and remain competitive in their respective markets.

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