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EWM – RF-enabled online/offline mobile application optimizing SAP Extended Warehouse Management

  • How do different warehouse applications help invoke a paradigm shift in customer preferences from manual to automation within a digital journey?
  • How does EWM automation improve the supply chain and optimize last-mile deliveries?
  • How do RF-enabled mobile applications increase warehouse efficiency and reduce operation costs?
  • Tools to help you advance through the Warehouse Maturity Curve
  • Role of Barcoding/QR coding and muti-scanning in achieving digitalization in SAP IM and EWM processes.
  • Advantages of EWM management over traditional warehouse management.
  • Next-generation warehousing through forklift integration, Indoor mapping, and Geofencing.
  • The power of digitalization to improve the overall supply chain
Shrikant Nistane | Crave Infotech
Shrikant Nistane

Digital Transformation Architect

Jason Johnson | Crave Infotech
Jason Johnson

Client Services Director

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Thurday April 13, 2023 | 02:00PM EDT

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Why do you need SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) over Traditional Warehouse Management

If you can, just think about the supply chain from around five years ago. End-customer expectations weren’t as stringent as they are now. The delivery timelines were longer, the delivery validation was done manually, and the volume movement was structured and didn’t respond to market variations in an agile manner.

Now, we are in the times of next-day and same-day deliveries.

The world as a collective expects faster deliveries with trackable information. The businesses and warehouses want to know the exact stock levels at all times to know the held value and the potential lead times for Outbound Order Request processing.

This lead time represents the timeline from when the order request is recorded in the system, through to the picking, packing, and dispatch process. This lead time, along with the in-transit and last-mile timelines form the ‘delivery promise’ for the end customer.

It’s important to standardize and minimize this lead time to ensure that this delivery promise is consistent. In other words, there’s a lot of planning, digitization, and automation that goes on in our modern warehouses to just ensure that these next-day or same-day deliveries are a success.

Since supply chain and warehouse management have evolved in the past five years to become more agile and responsive – the supporting platform and software required to support and optimize this warehouse management must also evolve.

This is where SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management comes into the picture.

Traditional warehouse management involves inventory stock keeping and basic warehouse management processes like put away and picking that function in isolation or parallel to other verticals of the business.

SAPs Extended Warehouse Management is a decentralized and cohesive solution that interplays and optimizes the full supply chain. It’s the right solution for the new-age supply chain and warehousing realities. The supply chain now functions as a single and dynamic unit where orders, units, deliveries, and processes can be tracked correctly in real-time. These can also be traced back to the source at any time. This enables mature applications like returns processing, labor management, load balancing, cost optimization, just-in-time replenishments, internal processing, goods receipt and goods issue optimization, etc.

Crave InfoTech’s cEWM: Mobile app with RF-enablement for fast go-to-market and high adoption

Crave InfoTech’s cEWM – Extended Warehouse Management solutions extend the capabilities of SAP EWM as an RF-enabled mobile app with clear process Workflows that reflect the industry and region-specific ground realities.

cEWM is RF-enabled. This means that the users can simply scan a QR code, barcode, or RFID tag to directly capture information into the system. This minimizes human errors, speeds up warehouse activities, and ensures that managers have instant access to real-time data from the warehouse floor.

cEWM is a fully mobile solution that works equally efficiently whether it’s online or offline.

The warehouse managers can leverage SAP EWM’s activity area management and work center to optimize job creation, assignment, Workflow, and automation. Crave InfoTech’s cEWM extends the depth of these benefits.

The pickers and packers can receive their activities/jobs in their mobile app. They simply must use the in-app or externally linked scanners to capture info from incoming goods for goods receipt posting. They can create handling units on-the-go to package these incoming units. They can also print fresh QR codes, barcodes, and RFID tags at the same time.

Further, they can assign storage bins for the handling units in the same process, from the mobile app. The app helps them locate the storage bin for easy put away.

cEWM can also be used for internal processing like rearranging stock, replenishment, picking, and processing.

Benefits of RF-enablement: Digitization, automation, and visibility

The supply chain is a dynamic vertical that has volume fluctuations based on geopolitical scenarios, seasonal consumption patterns, labor/driver management, etc. Warehouses, however, have very defined real estate. They have a set structure for space and resources that they must optimize to respond to supply chain requirements.

This necessitates real-time control and visibility of all activities within the warehouse.

RF and IoT enablement form the foundation stone for this visibility-inducing automation. Crave InfoTech has had multiple successes within this across our long SAP-enablement history. We help you instill the required digitization and automation.

We assess your current tech status and chart it over a Warehouse Maturity Curve.

Crave Warehouse Maturity curve for EWM | Crave Infotech

This helps us assess where you stand and mark where you need to go (in terms of your digitization journey) soon. Hence, you get a very specific solution fit for your Extended Warehouse Management needs.

We structure the IoT and RF-enablement to reflect your requirements. This can involve scanners that bulk-scan multiple units in a single swipe to save time in inventory counting and picking. It can also include stationary sensors that track all goods’ movement within the warehouse, in real-time.

Essentially, all info is captured at-source with zero errors. The manager can check this info as it’s updated in real-time. This makes their Dashboard fully dynamic with instant updates of real-time analytics like the status of various activities, backstock, pending Outbound Delivery Orders, etc.

RF-enablement, hence:

  • improves the speed and accuracy of warehouse activities;
  • enhances the employee experience and work satisfaction as there is no need to manually fill in system data;
  • helps provide instant actionable insights at the manager’s fingertips;
  • and helps make the warehouse more responsive to the supply chain.

Next-gen Warehousing: Futureproofing with SAP EWM and Crave InfoTech

Crave InfoTech always looks to enhance the warehousing experience and efficiency with the right software and hardware.

We can enable internal mapping of your mega warehouses or distribution centers. This means that the user would have the exact physical location of the bin or storage section right in their mobile app. They could even follow a laid-out route (in-app) to reach the item/bin in minimal time. Modern warehouses are the size of football fields and hold millions of items. This internal mapping is very important to ensure resource and time optimization.

This internal mapping directly leads to Geofencing. Geofencing can help take the next step in process automation where order and process stages are auto updated when the unit leaves a specific area. Geofencing helps speed-up key activities like put away and picking.

Similarly, forklifts and dollies can also be tracked within the system. Forklifts can have computerized devices on them that associate them with specific activity areas or processes. Forklift integration can be a key-performance requirement in warehouses.

The webinar covers such points in detail with the exact use cases that drive home the benefits of SAP Extended Warehouse Management and Crave InfoTech’s RF-enabled mobile app – cEWM.

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Thurday April 13, 2023 | 02:00PM EDT

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