When looked at in the context of managing the enterprise workforce, Employee Self Service is the ability of the employees to access their personal corporate HR data and easily access particular key details about their employment. In its most basic form, it is something which is hosted on the internal network of a company and accessed through the web so the employees have no need to be at their office desk to access it. They can log in from their homes or be on the move using the likes of mobile devices from anywhere with an internet connection.
These systems weren’t very efficient when they initially came along, but are nowadays able to perform more robust tasks like data encryption, amendment of bank details, sharing information, download their pay slips and more. Oh and they can do all of this without involving the HR.

Eliminate Unnecessary Deployment time and Costs
ESS is an increasingly useful tool for Human Resource Management.It allows employees to handle a lot more tasks with self-service so your focus can be better expended towards strategic initiatives for the organization without having to worry about trivialities. This will also increase the productivity of employees, and in the process, save a lot of time and money.
Potential advantages of implementing ESS and making your employees mobile include a reduced amount of paperwork for the HR department to handle. That is beneficial for the administrators and the employees. It will also leave very few mundane clerical tasks for the HR staff and free them up for more focused planning and communications development. The automation and the reduced workload can also relieve an organization from excessive administrative headcount in the workplace. It also provides the employees the ability to be more engaged with the workplace and organization.

Staying ahead – Self power Human Resource
It is a difficult pill to swallow, but it is definitely something that will be worth it. Going ahead with it and getting it right will create a strong end-to-end interoperable workflow which is streamlined and efficient. It will bring all the processes pertaining to HR and all the capabilities on to a singular platform. Employees will be able to do what they want faster so the HR will no longer be bothered with working around incompatible systems and focus more on adding strategic value.

The Future is Mobile
Mobile applications in today’s world have a real impact on the goings on of the business ecosystem and on the HRM and ESS. The Employee Self Service apps are available now for employees on every level of an organization from the HR officers to the entry level employees. They provide immense benefits for the workforce and in turn for the organization as a whole.
For example, a mobile app can allow employees to clock in and out of work from their phones with GPS functions ensuring honesty; it can allow employees to monitor their salary and payroll information without constantly bothering the HR officers. Even managers can make use of these applications to review applications and view the applicant data.
The advantages of having employee self service tools and mobility solutions are very apparent and significant. This means that it is very likely that they will keep on growing and see more organizations adapting to the necessary changes going forward to stay ahead of the competition.

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