The IT infrastructure industry is struggling to reduce the number and severity of outages in a way that can be measured. And the current data-driven business landscape relies heavily on effective cloud application management. At the same time, the financial costs and overall disruptions caused by outages are slowly going up. According to a Gartner research study, over 70% of businesses struggle with application downtime and performance issues, leading to customer dissatisfaction and revenue loss. This is where SAP CALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite steps in.

Built on the BTP and SAP Cloud ALM (CALM), this award-winning solution aims to alleviate project management pain points and revolutionize cloud application lifecycle management. It leverages AI, ML & predictive analytics to give you a comprehensive 360-degree insight into your diverse processes to modernize cloud application lifecycle management.

Let’s look at SAP CALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite’s capabilities and how it can help automate your business processes.

Improved Quality & Speed

As the name suggests, SAP CALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite combines intelligent insights and automation to consistently meet end-user needs. Built with the highest quality standards, the suit integrates several APIs— project management tools to create and monitor tasks, analytics tools to set KPIs, SAP integration suite for custom alerts, and teams & email integrations for transparent communication— to give you complete control over your entire infrastructure.

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Additionally, the suite uses the Fiori interface, which is known for its user-friendliness & superior UX/UI. It also has CHAT GPT integration for automated email content generation and a cross-project dashboard, catering to the specific needs of end customers and partners. This means your cross-functional teams can access the same connected channels of processes. Thereby improving your organizational communication system quality. With complete project oversight, your team can easily ensure that product operations remain current and up-to-date, all while upholding quality & compliance across its lifecycle.

Cost Optimization & Financial Transparency

SAP CALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite provides in-depth cost analysis and practical suggestions to monitor & fine-tune infrastructure expenses. Built on the BTP platform, the solution is cost-efficient and can be used immediately with minimum configuration. It supports all areas with embedded intelligence as well.  It seamlessly incorporates machine learning to detect & eliminate errors and malfunctions to handle heterogeneous business processes adeptly.


The suite also gathers data from several Cloud ALM tenants and analyzes the raw data to transform them into useful insights, actionable recommendations for a detailed cost analysis. With these real-time insights, stakeholders can easily identify unused resources, optimize cloud infrastructure usage and make informed decisions for successful outcomes.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

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Support and maintenance are key components of SAP CALM. Businesses can utilize SAP CALM Insights & Automation Suite to carry out business process monitoring, performance & user monitoring and health monitoring in the operational area. This can help your organization reduce downtime and release applications quickly to maintain consumer satisfaction. Furthermore, the suite offers several integrations and ALM tools (like ALM test automation, ALM landscape & more) to support individual projects. This improves operational efficiency while striking a s balance between the employees’ needs & the business’s goals simultaneously. 

Final Thought

Overall, the SAP CALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite emerges as a comprehensive, cutting-edge extension with powerful analytic tools that significantly accelerate your time to market. It reduces project delays, enhances IT infrastructure visibility, and fixes performance bottlenecks, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction– giving your businesses a competitive edge in the cutthroat digital landscape.

Crave InfoTech can assist you in implementing SAP CALM for a transparent, real-time reporting system that effortlessly steers your business toward becoming a process-driven organization without any added or complex customization. Contact us today to transform your organization from a reactive to an interactive and agile enterprise. 

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