Let’s talk about validation. Specifically, electronic proof of delivery (EPOD). We can say that it’s simply the way to click a pic of the delivered items and/or take the electronic signature (ESIGN) of the consignee as a confirmation of receipt of items. However, it’s much more than this.

Validation is critical to know if the processes, operations, warehousing, logistics, and supply chain are performing as required at all times. It’s good to know that a delivery was completed in full and on time. This ticks off multiple factors within the supply chain, as in:

  • the initial picking and processing of items were accurate;
  • that the loading sequence and item scans were on-point;
  • the dispatch and enroute transport were on-time and proper;
  • and that the unloading at the point of delivery (and accounting for all items) was done efficiently; etc.

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Delivery tracking and Electronic proof of delivery

The points mentioned above might seem a given, however, it’s easier said than done. Enterprises often struggle with delivery validation at scale where they have to track and account for millions of orders across the country. They also have to acknowledge and validate exceptions with unfulfilled deliveries, approve the claims/credit requests, and process the returns if applicable.

They need a system that is efficient, scalable, easy to adopt, and fast to deploy, while perfectly collaborating with all the connected systems and processes within the supply chain like support, finance, warehousing, etc.

This is the inherent ‘punch’ of an effective electronic proof of delivery product. It’s not just about delivery validation, it helps validate the entire supply chain process. It also helps ensure timely and authentic claims and credit request handling. We will look at credit request management in a separate blog.

Let’s now look at the features of Crave InfoTech’s Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD).

Effective unloading at the point of exchange for accurate EPOD

Effective unloading at the point of exchange for accurate EPOD

Consider the entire final delivery process as a single entity.  So, you would want to know that all the required items are accounted for at the time of the delivery. The delivery person just opens the app on their smartphone and selects the order in question.

Here they can see the list of all items (and quantities) within the order. They use the in-app camera integration to out-scan all items as they unload each. They can also check for spillage, spoilage, or damage to any items as they unload.

If the items required in the order aren’t there or are damaged – the delivery person can mark the same in the app. This would build a partial delivery process that would commence with proper comments and proof (image, if required).

Otherwise, if all items are available and well, the in-full delivery process would go to the next stages.

Intuitive EPOD workflow with In-app image capture and e-sign

Intuitive EPOD workflow with In-app image capture and e-sign

The delivery person simply has to follow the intuitive workflow in Crave’s app from start to finish – to properly fulfill the delivery. The user interface (UI) is easy to adopt and follow. The partial or in-full delivery process (from before) would lead to the final delivery validation phase.

The delivery person would use the in-app image capture mechanism to click an image of the delivered items. The workflow ensures that the person follows the necessary steps in the delivery process. It leads the person through the unloading, image capture, and the ESIGN. They can take the signature of the consignee in the app. This confirms the receipt of the delivery and completes the process. It also captures the accurate time-stamps of the entire delivery process.

Crave InfoTech’s electronic proof of delivery (EPOD), hence, helps tick mark and account for all prerequisites and risk mitigation for possible exceptions.

Online (real-time) or offline sync with electronic proof of delivery

Another aspect of electronic proof of deliveries is the real-time visibility it offers for validation. The on-field information is auto-synced with the central system. The distribution/supply chain centers can have the delivery validation as it happens in the field. They can process exceptions in real-time to offer a better and holistic delivery experience to the customers/vendors.

However, cloud-based or online (live) delivery validation isn’t a roadblock. Crave InfoTech’s EPOD works equally well in offline mode. The delivery person captures all necessary info, just as they would. The data is backed up in the smartphone. The data syncs when the delivery person connects with the private enterprise network or system.

And, as indicated earlier in the blog, Crave InfoTech’s expertise helps unlock the real benefit of EPOD. The info is synced with the necessary collaborative solutions, be it vendor management, finance, operations, warehousing, logistics, or overall supply chain. It helps validate the entire order creation and processing journey.

We know the importance of every process that is part of your business, and we take them seriously. Our products are engineered to work in the real world, with quick deployment, zero errors, and fast value realization. Do you want to know more about the same? Just get in touch. Our electronic proof of delivery might just be what you’re looking for.

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