The world is going digital. Not just the consumers, but the industries as well. $3.69 trillion! That’s the projected market for the Global Digital Transformation industry in 2026, growing at a CAGR of 16.1% (2021-2026). So, what’s driving this growth? It’s the ease and brilliance of solutions like SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Business Technology Platform or BTP, is an amalgamation of the industry-leading offerings:

  • Database and data management
  • Smart platforming for intelligent applications (Check out Crave InfoTech’s market-ready products)
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) enablement
  • Deep analytics and masterful execution for improved results

This sounds pleasant enough to pique industrial interest. And it isn’t just big words, it delivers beyond expectations. BTP and connected products directly solve major challenges like production bottlenecks, manufacturing and warehousing lags, lack of process transparency and responsiveness, with compliance violations.

SAP BTP, along with advanced and personalized implementation through Crave InfoTech, gives end-to-end digitization, automation, anomaly detection, real-time job assignment, error-free record capturing, superior analytics and perfect execution. All this leads to:

  • higher productivity and total compliance adherence with
  • faster market-value realization and an intuitive UI
  • at a lower total cost of ownership.

Complete solution for your enterprise: SAP BTP + Crave InfoTech

Crave InfoTech, backed by all-round SAP BTP, Zebra’s market-perfected hardware and Here Maps’ geo-intelligence, is the premier choice for enterprises.

Now, clients don’t have to worry about implementing integral BTP elements. Crave’s expertise-rich team seamlessly deploys BTP elements with Crave’s primed pre-packaged products. The clients can go from start to complete in quick time with a convenient SAP Fiori based UI and use-case specific applications.

Also, enterprises can:

  • fast-track their growth targets with the inherent (full) scalability of SAP BTP with 24×7 support by Crave InfoTech;
  • ensure complete transparency across processes and workflows with fast information disbursement and error-free data capture at all points;
  • boost maintenance, functional, and operational responsiveness with instant anomaly detection and perfect job assignment with complete and relevant standard operating procedures (SOP) accessible to the technician, operator, or picker;
  • enable total enterprise mobility with connected and up-to-date handheld computing systems;
  • achieve faster processes with higher efficiency, minimal downtime and total agility for consistent, replicable, and manageable manufacturing/warehousing/operations;
  • and cut down compliance or inefficiency-related costs (downtime, citations, lags, etc.) across the enterprise.

SAP BTP and Crave InfoTech give that extra edge for success

It’s all about riding tall towards success. Evolving consumer needs and rising industry standards are pushing enterprises to not just embrace digital transformation, but also utilize it as a pivot for better maintenance, manufacturing, warehousing, ( etc.) processes.

Crave InfoTech’s complete solutions, along with SAP BTP, give enterprises that extra edge which enables them to channel their resources better. This results in total quality improvement in lesser time – creating a lasting differentiator within the final products/services.

This Crave-enabled differentiator can improve your consumer/user satisfaction leading to higher stickiness and greater market capitalization.

SAP’s BTP actively helped some enterprises realize 30-35% cost savings with a 4.5-5x reduction in process time and a 15% (approx.) productivity boost. Crave InfoTech’s implementation and pre-packaged products help further improve these numbers with a total ownership cost reduction of up to 80%.

All these benefits can potentially channel into that ‘differentiator’ which ultimately boosts the profit margin (pushing top line up and pulling bottom line down).

Parallelly, a similar concept was validated in an independent study published by the Harvard Business Review. It highlights the Relative Value of Growth (RVG) which states that a 1% increase in projected company growth (related to capital, overhead costs along with asset health and efficiency management) is proportional to 6-10% of margin improvement.

Crave InfoTech’s solutions directly improve this RVG for enterprises, resulting in quickly realized benefits and lasting process improvements. And the fact that SAP BTP’s cloud (or hybrid) set-up continually improves without any client downtime, ensures that your enterprise is always on the frontline of innovation and ‘sustains’ this high RVG for a longer time.

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The inference, post these discussions on industry trends, challenges, needs, solutions, and benefits, is simple.

  1. Your enterprise needs active digital transformation if it wants to continue being competitive.
  2. You must go with the best solution + implementation + application combination.
  3. SAP BTP with Crave InfoTech’s market-ready products is THE best combination for you.

Just reach out to us and commence your journey towards success.

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