Want to boost your asset availability and maintenance efficiency, while improving the overall quality and quantity of throughput? It’s possible now. Asset maintenance is no longer a mere cost factor, it’s an efficiency and profit enabler. With Intelligent Asset Management, over SAP’s Business Technology Platform, can improve maintenance effectiveness, reduce costs, and boost overall operational efficiency – resulting in high wrench time, productivity, and return on investment (ROI).

You must have heard of Enterprise Asset Management. What is it? Enterprise asset management involves the process of managing assets and equipment backed by plans and strategies. This helps enable higher asset availability and lifetime value with lower downtime at lesser maintenance costs. Overall, it ensures higher throughput and imparts consistency, predictability, and control within asset management operations.

So what’s more in it with Intelligent Asset Management + SAP Business Technology Platform?

SAP Business Technology Platform and Crave InfoTech’s Intelligent Asset Management

We spoke about the underlying strengths of SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) before. After dominating the markets with industry-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, SAP upped the value-statement with the best cloud platform with superior processing power, analytics, scalability, availability, and manageability. Essentially, SAP made their solutions even more effective and impactful when they run on SAP BTP.

Crave InfoTech has always been a proud partner of SAP, enabling their solutions across industries like Life Science, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, to name a few. Crave’s Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) runs on SAP BTP factoring in SAP’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). IAM provides an end-to-end asset maintenance and management solution, from the planning stage to clockwork and consistent execution.

It leverages the power of machine learning and intelligence that is built into a smart platform – SAP BTP. The ‘intelligent’ solution enables:

  • full-automation of maintenance activities;
  • error-free workflows for full compliance and accurate fixes;
  • an all-in-one dashboard and planning workbench;
  • real-time visibility of all shop floor activities with the option to approve or validate a job live, as it happens on the floor;
  • full enterprise mobility where the technician can directly scan the equipment from the floor and all related data would be auto-pulled in their handheld computing devices;
  • ability to print labels on-the-go, anywhere, to boost process timeliness and efficiencies;

and much, much more.

Some of the top benefits, other than the ones mentioned above, include the following.

1-month deployment and market-value realization

What are the two key impediments an enterprise can think of if they consider ERP implementation? The overall time taken to implement the same, and the ease of the process.

SAP BTP, as a platform, is inherently intuitive and manageable. On top of it, Crave InfoTech is one of the very few companies with high SAP BTP expertise and equally deep industry knowledge. We bring the best of the solution to you in the fastest time and the best condition.

An enterprise can realize the ‘value’ from the deployment within 1 month of the start date!

IAM’s products like cMaintenance and cCalibration are built with SAP Fiori’s simplified UI and UX tools. This ensures that the user experience for the technicians on the shop floor and the supervisors (anywhere) would be very simple, workflow-driven, and easy to handle.

Along with the fast, accurate, and secure deployment, the learning curve for the products is flat and short with no confusing bells and whistles.

You can hit the ground running with IAM and SAP BTP in a month and rush your way past the competition.

30% maintenance efficiency boost and 80% TCO reduction

Down to the numbers, what are the ‘tangible’ and ‘measurable’ benefits of IAM with SAP BTP? Well, here they are. 30%+ direct efficiency boost across facility inspections, maintenance processes, asset availability, wrench time, etc.

There are time and cost savings across the board with enterprise mobility and real-time process visibility. We will cover the enterprise mobility benefits in just a bit. With the live visibility, the turnaround time for anomaly detection, recording, fixing, and validation goes down significantly.

Using a single screen, the technicians know the exact tools and materials required for the job. They can even create material orders, with the exact functional location and equipment relations auto-filled, from anywhere. All databases work in synchrony and are optimized to eliminate duplication, errors, and delays.

With the fast deployment, minimal learning curve, and immediate efficiency boosts – the total ownership cost (TCO) for IAM reduces by 80%.

Full enterprise mobility with the ability to track work on the map

We want our operations and production to be fast, consistent, scalable, and predictable. For this, we want our assets to perform as expected, all the time. IAM ensures that maintenance and calibrations are always on-point with minimal exceptions and zero breakdowns.

The enhancing factor here is the enterprise mobility on the shop floor. The technician can simply scan the code on the equipment or spare part to pull up the relevant master data, functional location, and standard operating procedures (SOP).

The following workflow is simple yet thorough. It takes the person through all necessary items so nothing is left or recorded erroneously. The resultant report is time-stamped and uploaded with images and supported documents, right on the spot.

SAP’s BTP can enable private clouds (along with public and hybrid clouds) to ensure that all handheld computing devices have full connectivity all the time. However, these products and solutions work equally well offline.

The technician can also print fresh labels with equal ease, anywhere, with portable printers. All this gives the technician or facility inspector a one-stop enabler for all their activities.

There are a lot more benefits associated with Intelligent Asset Management and SAP Business Technology Platform. It’s almost endless. If you want to know how these solutions can help your enterprise, just get in touch and we will make it happen.

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