Extensibility answers the call for the growing business demand to customize and enhance their existing SAP applications. These ‘extensions’ help them meet specific business requirements, drive innovation, and remain competitive. 

It connects back to the idea of keeping a core clean within a system. A clean core refers to maintaining the core functionality of SAP systems without modifications or custom code. This approach involves using standard SAP configurations and leveraging extensions through side-by-side development, APIs, and SAP’s extensibility frameworks. Keeping the core clean ensures easier system upgrades, better performance, and reduced maintenance complexities. 

By enabling organizations to tailor their SAP solutions without disrupting core systems, the SAP Extension Suite (Extensibility) provides a comprehensive set of tools and services designed to facilitate this customization. 

Crave InfoTech’s expertise with core business logic and the much-evolved affinity towards industry-benchmarked extensions, put them in a premier position to guide companies through the process of enabling solutions through extensions. 

Top benefits and features of extensibility

Crave helps companies separate the core business processes adopting the best SAP practices (to keep in line with global innovation spurts) and define the unique business logic (or differentiating processes) through smart extensions. Crave has ready-to-roll extensions in asset management (cMaintenance), calibration (cCalibration), warehousing (cEWM), AI-driven process automation, etc. These can be retrofitted to reflect the business logic of the company in the most user-friendly manner. It can also be deployed quickly for faster market value realization, with a lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Top Benefits of Extensibility with the Power-tools of SAP and Crave InfoTech 

It offers unparalleled customization and flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing environments. Enhanced user experience is another key advantage, with tools like SAP Fiori Elements and SAPUI5 enabling the creation of intuitive and responsive interfaces, improving user adoption and productivity. 

Seamless integration is ensured through the comprehensive integration services provided by the SAP Integration Suite, which maintains data consistency and process continuity across SAP and non-SAP systems. The suite supports scalable and high-performance applications, ensuring they grow with the business while minimizing downtime. Innovation and agility are fostered by the rapid development and deployment capabilities of the suite, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition. Security and compliance are robustly addressed, with the suite adhering to stringent security standards and data protection regulations. 

The SAP Extension Suite is cost-efficient, reducing overall IT costs and maximizing return on investment by extending existing applications rather than investing in new solutions. 

Top benefits of Extensibility with the power-tools of SAP and Crave InfoTech

SAP extensibility offerings are extensive and cater to various aspects of application development and management. It includes development tools and frameworks such as the SAP Cloud Application Programming (CAP) Model and SAP Business Application Studio, which simplify the development of enterprise-grade services and applications. Integration services are robust, with the SAP Integration Suite offering API management, open connectors, integration flows, and event-based integrations to ensure smooth connectivity between systems. User experience is enhanced through SAP Fiori Elements and SAPUI5, which provide frameworks and toolkits for creating rich, responsive user interfaces. 

The suite also supports the development of custom microservices and APIs, enabling enhanced functionality without altering core systems. Business process management tools, including SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent RPA, allow for the automation and optimization of workflows and repetitive tasks. Security is a top priority, with the suite implementing authentication, authorization, data encryption, and compliance with data protection regulations. Performance and monitoring are addressed through robust monitoring and logging capabilities, ensuring optimal application health and proactive maintenance. 

Looking Under the Hood for Extensibility with SAP BTP | What can You do with it? 

Crave InfoTech leverages SAP BTP to offer several types of extensibilities to enhance and customize existing SAP applications, including in-app extensibility, side-by-side extensibility, and embedded extensibility. In-app extensibility allows business users or key users to make changes directly within the SAP application without needing extensive coding knowledge. This includes adding custom fields, adjusting UI layouts, creating custom reports, and modifying business rules. By using SAP Fiori apps, key users can personalize and extend the user interface, adding new tiles, groups, and custom UI elements through SAP Fiori Elements and SAPUI5, ensuring a tailored and user-friendly experience. 

Extensibility with SAP BTP

Side-by-side extensibility, on the other hand, is enabled through the SAP Extension Suite, which facilitates the development of standalone applications that run independently but integrate seamlessly with core SAP applications. These extensions are typically built using microservices and APIs, allowing for significant enhancements in functionality without altering the core system. Developers can build custom microservices using various programming languages and frameworks, and these microservices interact with SAP applications through APIs. The SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) plays a crucial role in this process by facilitating the integration of these extensions with both SAP and non-SAP systems, ensuring data consistency and process continuity across the enterprise. 

Embedded extensibility caters to customers who require deep customization within the SAP S/4HANA environment. The ABAP environment on SAP BTP allows for custom ABAP developments that extend the capabilities of SAP applications, providing a robust and integrated solution for businesses with specific and complex customization needs. This approach ensures that customizations are not only powerful but also fully compliant with SAP standards and best practices, enhancing the overall functionality and performance of the SAP ecosystem. 

Top Applications of Extensibility with Crave InfoTech 

Crave InfoTech provides robust extensibility solutions, leveraging its deep expertise across various industries, including life sciences, manufacturing, oil and gas, automobile, and chemicals. This extensive industry knowledge allows Crave InfoTech to seamlessly translate clients’ unique business logic into accessible and adoptable extensions. Whether it’s asset management, inventory management, accounts management, or supply chain/warehouse management, Crave InfoTech ensures that each extension is precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of the business. 

Top applications of Extensibility with Crave InfoTech

By focusing on maintaining a clean core, Crave InfoTech’s extensibility solutions enhance the functionality of SAP systems without altering the core code. This approach facilitates smoother system upgrades, reduces complexity, and improves overall system performance. Their solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing SAP environments, ensuring data consistency and process continuity. 

Crave InfoTech‘s commitment to innovation and efficiency drives the development of custom applications that enhance business operations. Their extensibility solutions help businesses adapt quickly to changing market conditions, improve operational efficiency, and maintain compliance with industry standards. By leveraging advanced tools and technologies, Crave InfoTech delivers scalable and secure extensions that optimize business processes and drive growth. With a focus on user adoption and accessibility, their solutions ensure that customized SAP applications are intuitive and user-friendly, leading to increased productivity and better business outcomes. 

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